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  1. dark_light

    Challanging cna exam in fl

    lorettap, I checked Nursing Unlimited's website and only see information on their 3 week CNA review class (skills and exam review). I am going to give them a call Monday, but would you know how often they hold the 1 week clinical only classes? Thanks for the information!
  2. dark_light

    Rad Tech anyone???

    You should refer your friend to: http://www.radiologyforums.com/ It's a site I visited back when I was considering that profession.
  3. dark_light

    Challanging cna exam in fl

    Ohhhh! Would you please share the details? I am in Ft Lauderdale and am looking for a CNA prep course. Thanks!
  4. dark_light

    Do vocational schools accept Stafford loans?

    boubi12, I am a student at McFatter now. Trust me on this, there are no student loans (at all) at McFatter. If you already have existing loans, they will certify it -- meaning that they sign something so your lender can grant you a deferment on payment. Unless you qualify for Pell Grants or other forms of government assistance (like VA grants, unemployment tuition assistance, etc), there is nothing the financial aid office can do for you. I am in that boat, where I need loans and cannot get one through school. The only available alternative would be to obtain a private/commercial loan through credit cards, banks, etc.
  5. dark_light

    On-Line Anatomy and Physiology Accredited

    :yeahthat: Definitely check the requirements of the nursing program you are considering. Most have very specific requirements regarding the lab component.
  6. dark_light

    McFatter LPN Program

    I am going full-time. Trying to finish as soon as possible so I can go on to ASN, BSN, etc. I have a long, long way to go.
  7. dark_light

    McFatter LPN Program

    I am currently a student at McFatter and will finish Term 1 this month. Yay! So far, I am satisfied with the school, staff and the education I am receiving. It's hard but not impossible. If you have specific questions about the program, feel free to send me a PM. I'm more than happy to help you out!
  8. There are specific test dates for the TEAS, but once you pass TABE there are no restrictions. Meaning you can take TEAS as soon as you feel ready for it. I am going to Atlantic's sister school (McFatter) and the rule of thumb is to complete all your application requirements as quickly as possible. It's all first come first serve, so the faster you turn everything in, the better your chances of getting a spot in the next program. Good luck!
  9. dark_light

    RN programs

    Valencia Community College in Orlando has a Paramedic to RN transition program. I am still a LPN student, so I have not applied to their Advanced Standing Track nursing program. I've heard that there are no waiting lists, but don't know for sure. If anyone is currently enrolled in this program, I would love verification!
  10. It totally annoys me when people say that. They cannot see the sacrifices we are making, or the stress we endure during nursing school. The worst thing I've heard was from an ex-boss, who didn't know I was pursuing admission into a nursing program. He claimed that "Nurses are stupid. They only do it (nursing) because they can't do anything else." The saddest thing is that he makes his money insuring nurses. I only hope that one day, when I have graduated and am licensed, that I get his sorry @#$% as a patient. What a surprise that will be!
  11. dark_light

    LPN to RN(2yr ADN)

    Hello Flgal. I am still a PN student, but I hear that Indiana State University (http://www1.indstate.edu/nursing/) has actually online courses, after you complete your pre-reqs. If you have not completed your pre-reqs, they recommend The College Network for the classes you are missing, which I suppose is similar to Excelsior. You can also find out more about ISU and other online distance programs in the Distance Learning forum. One other thing you might try... I am not sure where you reside, but in my area, local community colleges offer LPN-RN programs that are approx 3 semesters long and online (except for labs/clinicals).
  12. dark_light

    Does Two Weeks is Enough?

    Is it possible you are looking at a CNA exam prep course? In Florida, for instance, the state allows challengers to take the exam, even if they have not completed a formal training program. As a result, 2 week review courses are plentiful in this area. Most comprehensive/formal programs however seem to be 9 weeks or so.
  13. OMG yes! I am also working full-time and attending a full-time nursing program. I find it hard to turn "off" my brain after a long day of work/school. Funny thing, the one day that I don't work or attend classes, I sleep like a baby! I tried melatonin and a sleep aid and ended up oversleeping and feeling zombified. Please let me know if the gym works for you. I might be able to squeeze in 30 minutes somewhere in my day. I'll do anything for a good night's rest.
  14. dark_light

    Need Sleep

    I can totally relate. I work FT and attend a FT program, so I end up going to bed around 12:30am... and I just lay there thinking about things: lectures, upcoming tests, etc. I can't stop. I end up falling asleep around 3:00 am or so, only to wake up at 5:30 am. It's getting ridiculous. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I am sure I will get there. (Not the kind of diet/weight loss I would want.) I hardly have time to eat a decent meal (and don't even remember what cooking is). I'd try benadryl but am afraid it will make me a zombie during lectures. Will give melatonin a try next week. Wish me luck!
  15. dark_light

    CLAST study guide for TEAS?

    The information on the unofficial review site is not crap or inaccurate... take it from someone who not only took the TEAS, but also scored in the 90th percentile nationally (after reviewing with the unofficial site I posted earlier). You should use the FREE information on this site to determine your strengths and weaknesses in certain areas, then do a further review on your own from there. If you don't trust the information you are finding online or on allnurses, then go directly to the source... your school/program. My school provided me with a sheet on what would be tested and the amount of time per section (which matches what I posted above). Your school should be able to do the same.
  16. dark_light

    CLAST study guide for TEAS?

    Here's a link to an unofficial TEAS study/practice guide: http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is multiple-choice exam consisting of the following sections: Reading: 50 minutes, 40 questions Mathematics: 56 minutes, 45 questions Science: 38 minutes, 30 questions English: 65 minutes, 55 questions Additional information on the exam itself and optional study materials can be found on the test publisher’s web site, http://www.atitesting.com Good luck on your exam!