Personality Type and Nursing - page 11

If you don't want to read it all that's fine. Just take this test and post your four letters (the preference % isn't necessary but you can if you want) or just post your type if you already know it:... Read More

  1. by   SDS_RN
    your type is
    [color=#d000a0]introverted[color=#d000a0]sensing[color=#d000a0]feeling[color=#d000a0]perceivingstrength of the preferences % [color=#d000a0]78[color=#d000a0]25[color=#d000a0]12[color=#d000a0]11
    [color=#d000a0]isfp [color=#8080c0]type description by d.keirsey
    [color=#d000a0]isfp [color=#8080c0]identify your career with jung career indicator [color=#d000a0]isfp [color=#8080c0]famous personalities
    [color=#d000a0]isfp [color=#8080c0]type description by j. butt and m.m. heiss

    qualitative analysis of your type formula
    you are:
    • very expressed introvert
    • moderately expressed sensing personality
    • slightly expressed feeling personality
    • slightly expressed perceiving personality
  2. by   SuesquatchRN
    ESFP. Always.
  3. by   elliotand10
  4. by   Babs0512
    INFJ here. Very interesting.
  5. by   nightmare
    ISFJ here.
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  6. by   RunHard

    Now off to walk the dog
  7. by   nrsang97
    ISFJ for me. ESTJ for my hubby.
  8. by   Hygiene Queen
  9. by   finn11707
    Enfj---any Others?
  10. by   finn11707
    ENFJ 33 25 62 22 here. I work in Hospice currently. Before that, Home Care, Breast Center, ICU, Same Day Surgery, Telemetry. What about other ENFJs?
  11. by   MaryAnn_RN
    INFJ here.
  12. by   Straydandelion
    Your Type is

    A very interesting test, I would assume like most tests of this kind people have elements of all, I would be curious if different times people would test different ways though some have posted have done multiple tests. I think I will try a few more times and experiment myself.
  13. by   mama_d
    my type is actually very rare. i'm an intj.

    me too! i always knew i was special