Paranormaol experiences?

  1. I have just read Journeyy's post in the "What freaks you out" topic about her experience with the pt in LTC. Has anyone else experienced any type of paranormal-type incident? I have heard other nurses talk about their experiences with this sort of thing. I never really believed in ghosts or such, but when I hear well-educated, professionals talk about such things, I wonder......
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  3. by   ClariceS
    The closest thing I have had to a paranormal experience was what I have ended up calling a "dream visit". We had an end stage oncology patient who was a friend of one of our surgeons on our surgery floor. He and his family were lovely people and over the 3 months on our floor, they became very close to a number of our nurses including me. I was actually one of the day primary care nurses so I was with them a lot. One night I had a dream that he was better, packing his bags to leave, and was thanking me for the wonderful care I had given him and his family. I called the floor in the morning and they told me he had passed away overnight. That gave me the shivers!!
  4. by   Sue D
    Here's a good story from my student days.
    My friend and I were working on an oncology ward. This was our very first placement on the nursing course and it was tough. We were averaging three deaths a week.
    My friend, Maria, was assigned to care for a patient who was in the last stages of metastatic breast cancer. This lady was in a side room and was fully compos mentis.
    one morning as we arrived for the early shift Maria was told that this patient had died in the early hours of the morning and was asked by the ward sister to clear out the side room.
    She went into the side room whilst I got on with the morning routine of the ward. The busy ward was suddenly disrupted by a bloodcurdling yell and Maria shot out of the side room looking like death warmed up.
    Once fortified with tea and a cigarette Maria told me that whilst she was cleaning up the bits and bobs from the washbasin area in the side room she had looked up and had seen the dead patient looking at her in the mirror. Needless to say when she looked behind her there was nobody there!
  5. by   mustangsheba
    That one gave me the shivers! I haven't had any paranormal experiences with patients. All mine have been with family or geographical areas, usually where there have been wars. I DO surround myself with white light. I believe!
  6. by   Rileycat
    My grandfather was in the hospital. During his stay, my grandmother had a dream that he was sitting in his favorite chair with his overcoat and hat on. My grandmother woke up in a panic, called my mother and said something must be wrong. My grandmother couldn't understand how my grandfather could have his coat on with all the tubes in him. My mother called the hospital and demanded that someone check on my grandfather at that moment. It turned out that his IVs were pulled out.

    Years later, after my grandfather had passed on, my grandmother continued to have "visits" from him. She would know if a family member was going to die because my grandfather would tell her that he was going to meet a new visitor shortly. Pretty scary.

    Anyway, these visits were very helpful to my grandmother. My grandfather told her she needed to take care of herself (she had been wheelchair bound for years). All of a sudden, my grandmother started using her walker, and then progressed to a cane!
  7. by   janicurn
    I don't know if you would call it a paranormal experience, but... back when I was a med/surg nurse, I was working on a neurology floor. I had been taking care of a Crutchfield Jacob patient that had been nonresponsive for a long time. One day I was emptying her foley and when I stood up she opened her eyes, looked at me, and said "It feels so good to be dead!" She died that night! We also had a patient that was in a private room in a back hall. Since he was a quad and on a stryder frame (remember those? Holding your breath each time you flipped hoping that the whole thing won't falll apart?) Anyway...we had the monitor on out at the ndesk since he had noway to turn on a light. At times we would hear what sounded like giberish, sometimes in different languages, and sometimes more than one voice! We were really freaked out about it and even got the Catholic priest to listen. He thought maybe the person was speaking in tongues! I dopn't know- but it never happened shen anyone was in the room!
  8. by   res04lly
    This is a great subject I have had many experiences that i could not explain what was going on but i think the freakest was when my own dad was dying, he was hanging on until my brother's arrived from the upper pennisula (in Michigan) he began to talk about a woman at the end of his bed, the room became cool, and he said she was trying to lay on him so he could not breathe-( no one was at the foot of his bed)My mom told him that no one was in the room, other than me and my aunt and he began to speak finnish to the "woman" then he asked again why she was still at the foot of his bed, at that time my mom turned and looked to that area and told the woman "You have to leave now and leave him alone" the next thing out of dad's mouth was, she was gone and the room warmed up. she did not come back and to this day we think the angel of death came to get him but he was hanging on for my brother's and he would not leave until he had said goodbye. The strange thing about it, that coolness i have felt everytime just before a patient dies and i know it won't be long before that person makes their final trip home. Usually i am right by what i feel.
  9. by   jamistlc
    I once had a donor corpse have an episode of emesis, peas and corn, yuck LOL, but true!

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  10. by   CEN35
    Well cindy, this is the first time I have seen your thread. there is another just like it. Unfortunately I have no experiences or beleifs in this stuff. Sorry

    Have a good day!

  11. by   nurs4kids
    Ever wonder why those of us who don't believe in it never experience it??? I've never experienced it, don't believe in it, so probably will never experience
  12. by   Cindy_A
    I see we have several new members. Has anyone had an experience like the ones posted? I've heard of several, but never had any myself. Anyone else had these kind of experiences?
  13. by   NurseTami
    I worked as a CENA while getting my LPN, and I worked Aft. One night, I needed to tell the nurse something, so I had to find her- she was at one end of the building. On my way I passed the dayroom and stopped, thinking- I thought everyone was in bed, but someone was sitting on one of the sofas- she had on a pink sweater and brown slacks with brown shoes, only when I backed up, she was not there!
    I worked Midnights after i got my license, and we were cleaning w/cs one night when we heard this ungodly laugh come from a certain room. Noone was awake in there. Same room, I saw someone walk into there so I went to see who was up, but noone was, and the ladies in the room sleeping were both non- ambulatory.
    Oh- I probably could think of some more! i worked there for nearly 10 years!
  14. by   nursin-around
    I just ran across this board and have to share my story. I had an extremely hectic night at the LTC facility I work for on the 2pm-10pm shift, and had coded an 87 year old lady who wasn't even my resident. I had 3 hospice patients of my own and was late giving an ativan injection to a COPD, CHF'er which was ordered routinely. I gave it and it bothered me all night at home, I'd tell myself that no he wasn't suffering he was still asleep when I went to give the shot, but my conscience would eat at me anyway as this man was dying. I was scheduled to work the next am, and upon arriving the night crew reported that this man had passed at 4 something am. My concience got even heavier. I was feeling guilty over what could not be helped when the residents call light went off. There was no family in the room, it did not come lose from the wall, and nothing was remotely close to the button. I think he was telling me it's OK he made it comfortably.