P**sed off at preceptor's games

  1. I've been told since I started work as a new RN that I needed to have four patients in critical care (not ICU). I was told I was doing great. My preceptor just told me today that she's going to bump me down to two so I can 'get organized'. She told me she was surprised that I had taken on four patients. Duh...she told me too! My biggest beef is that I've been given the patients who are ETOH withdrawal, nervous nellies, lawyer callers, meanest doctors, nastiest family members, end stage COPD and CHF, late admits, all while my preceptor sits and reads her magazines. Gee I wonder why I'm befuddled? Another thought occurred to me...she gets preceptor pay as long as I'm in training. My three months is coming up, and it's time for me to go to the next three months on the next shift. Maybe she wants to keep me on for the money (which can't be that hot) or so she can read more magazines and write out her bills while she's as work! I'm so p*ssed off. She actually said to me today "oh you didn't get your lunch yet". After she went for a walk around the hospital grounds, had two breaks, and her lunch! I feel used and abused and ready to put my app in someplace else. The last newbie that complained got fired. This group is such a click and you just have to deal with it until the training is over. On the other hand I may put my app in someplace else.
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  3. by   cannoli
    Don't you just love it?

    Welcome to nursing!
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    It's not funny at all. I can kinda relate, really. Not the same situation, but orientation sucks. I think things get better once you are no longer being precepted and are able to work alone. (((((((HUGS))))))))))) If you are miserable and are not obligated to stay there, explore other options. Put in apps elsewhere. You can always try another hospital out PRN if you want. Just don't burn your bridges. Best of luck to you and I hope it gets better.
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from cannoli
    Don't you just love it?

    Welcome to nursing!
    Sounds like a preceptor I once had. Although, mine was a so 8 mos pregnant, and flirting with married docs. She even said to one "Want to feel your baby?" and put the doc's hand on her belly.

    Sounds like you should put in apps at other places.
  7. by   angel337
    orientation does suck. why do you have 3 more months of orientation though? i got 12 wks for the ED and by week 4 i was ready to be on my own. not because i thought i was doing so great, but just because the preceptors really don't help that much as far as teaching you. a good preceptor will ask questions, will challenge your critical thinking skills and of course help you out when you look like you are sinking. i had one nurse that did this for me and i didn't work with her that much. sometimes they will give you a heavy load and try to make you think that you should be able to handle it, when in fact they couldn't do it themselves without help. if i were you i would just finish orientation and then if you still don't like that unit, transfer. just understand that all nurses are not team players or good supporters and you may step into something worse. you'll do fine.
  8. by   Town & Country
    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I was laughing at the original poster.

    I know how it feels!
  9. by   zenman
    Do you get to do an evaluation on your preceptor? Document everything. She is getting paid to perform a job and is not doing it. Someone will catch on after a while.
  10. by   hock1
    Quote from Shezam!
    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I was laughing at the original poster.

    I know how it feels!
    Don't feel bad. I didn't feel laughed at, but thanks anyway Thanks to the posters. I really needed the support.
  11. by   Keysnurse2008
    wow.....thats horrible.What state are you working in now?Everything in nursing is repititive.You deal with the same type patients ...they all just have different names and faces.Your preceptor should be teaching you the tricks of working with these patients,...not giving you grief.But ...again dont leave due to him/her.Finish your stupid orientation and then evaluate the job.Pump her for all the info/insight you can get on how to meet all your units pts needs.again?out of curio :coollook usity what state?
  12. by   Rapheal
    You could go up the chain of command and complain. They might have had problems with her doing this type of thing before. If so then it might be corrected without too many hard feelings. If they act like they are surprised then this is not a good sign. Chances are in that scenario that there will be hard feelings and your preceptor will probally lable you incompetent and a trouble maker. Talk to your nurse manager or supervisor and try to get a feel which of the two above scenarios that it might be. If it is the latter than I would definately be out of there. Hope it all works out for you.
  13. by   oneLoneNurse
    Don't cause problems. The preceptor will make it worse. Grin and bear it.

    I once quit a job in Baltimore because I had this one woman riding me. Once you graduate as a nurse you will not have to take it.
  14. by   Elenaster
    Do you have a new grad coordinator that is separate from your unit? Perhaps this is a person that you can voice your concerns to and he/she will be able to give you some sound advice. If this doesn't work, try networking with some other nurses in your unit by keeping your eyes and ears open to try to determine what her overall reputation is in the unit. You may surprised to find out that everyone thinks she sucks and will gain some allies in the process. Is she tight with management? Or does she seem to have strained relations with them? You may be able to get a new preceptor and these factors may help you decide whether you should stay around or run for the door.

    The hospital spends a lot of $$$ orienting a new nurse and I think they will want you to be successful and not leave.

    When I started the job I have now, I had a terrible preceptor. It turns out the only reason she was precepting in the first place was because she had told our boss she wanted more responsibility. I was her first and last orientee, but only because I carefully assessed the situation and made sure I was standing firm when I went to management about it. Much to my surprise, they weren't a bit shocked that I was having such a difficult time with this person and bent over backwards to make sure that I stayed and was happy.

    Good luck and I hope it all works out.