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I am not going into tons of details for fear of being discovered, but our infection control nurse is a CONTROL freak!! We have a new mandatory inservice dealing with infection control. Instead of... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Our Infection Control Nurse is a big control freak. She's made numerous changes over the last couple of years she's been there. She walks down the hall and people cringe. And don't let her see you walk out of an isolation room to get something you forgot and still have your gown on. She'll try to get you fired.

    Inservices out the butt.

    Funny thing happened the last couple of years. The infection rate has improved. hmmmm....

    But I hear you, I hate inservices, because they are inconvient no matter when, where or how.
  2. by   karenG
    I think infection control nurses are the same over here- but they do a tough job and lets face it- I wouldnt want some of the bugs loose! psuedomonas can cause major problems in an eye unit(the last hospital I worked in) and I wouldnt want to see that loose! so hang in there - she's just doing her job, maybe not explaining herself very well and maybe she doesnt communicate well! having said that, if faced with someone who is a major PIA, i just imagine where I would place the garrote! hours of fun!

  3. by   ohbet
    Our IC is too. Maybe these nurses want the control and power,but dont we all?, other wise why would they take the job? and also the job requires them to be unlikeable control freaks. Im not saying that IC nurses are unlikable,its just the job makes them that way. Well God Bless them.
  4. by   sjoe
    Maybe nobody listens to them otherwise!
  5. by   night owl
    She has every reason to be...it's her job and if she wants you there, then by all means go to her class...it's a break from the floor for 30 min to an hour. They usually serve coffee! Yes! and then again you just might learn something new.
  6. by   canoehead
    IC snipers- one of the reasons why I work nights.
  7. by   passing thru
    She must have read that article that said the two dirtiest things in the hospital are the telephones and the keyboards.

    My all-time pet infection peeve is the NURSES who put bedpans on the floor and then pick them up and slide them under a fresh post -op. All that "keep the wound sterile" technique is "down the drain."
  8. by   nessa1982
    Im just a student but at the hospital where Im doing clinical needs a visit from an anal infection control nurse. Today on my 2nd day of rounds I was doing some CNA work (Im an RN student but our insturctor wants us familair with basic nursing skills) and I walked into a room with NO signs warning about MRSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sheesh If no one told me I could have walked right into that room with no gloves and got MRSA all over me(it wasnt respiratory though). WHY ??? oh having MRSA warnings on the door would violate patient HIPPA patient confidentiality rules. does this sound normal???I wasnt expecting this, I was kind of expecting infection control to be more anal. I would rather have careful infection contorl than walk home with some nasty thing
  9. by   RyanRN
    Personally, I might like someone watching out for us. Ours is so politically hooked up we are forced to house MRS, VRE,eceterbactor (sp) and c-diff with CLEAN patients in four bedded rooms!!!!! When they need a bed - anything goes.

    As far as the docs and IC nurses having differences - why not refer one to the other and stay out of it!