Oh, my aching feet!

  1. Can anyone out there recommend a good nursing shoe? I have tried a few different shoes and have been highly disappointed. Most shoes cannot hold up to the wear and tear that I put on them and my poor feet are killing me. At my hospital, they do allow gym shoes (as long as they are all white). I was hoping some of you could reply and tell me what brands/styles worked best for you. My feet thank you!
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  3. by   mlvogt
    a good solid clog is what you may be looking for. I recommend Dansko clogs. you can buy them at the better shoe stores they are a bit pricey. They offer good support for those standing all day. They are not a cushy shoe they are a supportive shoe with a good arch.
  4. by   JennieBSN
    I second the Dansko clog vote. I have HORRIBLE feet (surgery on one, flat arches, heel spurs...ahhhh), and went through several different clogs before I forked out the dough for the Dansko. Worth their weight in GOLD. I just had the shift from HELL, and my feet feel FINE. They cost about 90 bucks, though, so be ready to plunk down a load of cash.
  5. by   Genista
    Another fantastic shoe is by SAS, called "Freetime." They look like white tennis shoes. They cost about $100/pair, but are worth every cent! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
  6. by   3651bht
    Try some good support hose. They may be all you need. My feet used to burn terribly at the end of 12 hours but not anymore. Been wearing them for 22 years now.... TTFN
  7. by   plumrn
    Rileycat, I wear NIKE Air shoes with the airliner pad and they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever had.I can work a 14 hr shift and my feet could still hold up to another shift easy! I've tried them all.SAS,nursemates,Reeboks,etc. and these are the best for me.
  8. by   duckie
    I was having horrible shooting pains in the side of my right foot at night when I came home. It hurt to the point I was beginning to think I had a bone spur. A friend of mine recommended magnetic insoles. Not only did the pain in my foot stop but it made my legs feel so much better. May not work for everyone but it did for me.
  9. by   Zee_RN
    I also like Dansko's. But the shoes aren't everything...wear good socks! My feet felt much better after switching to nicely padded socks. I like support socks too but they fall down on me so I'm always pulling them up, kinda defeating the purpose. Maybe support hose would be better. But I do like the extra cushioning of a good pair of socks...made a difference for me.
  10. by   kaycee
    I have had foot problems for years. Just getting over recent foot surgery. I wear New Balance crosstrainers. They have a wide toe box and are very suppportive. They have a little color(just the logo) but are mostly white.
  11. by   jkh
    I'll second the New Balance crosstrainers. I have a pair for work and a pair for everyday!
    J.C. Penny Total Support Hose work well too.
  12. by   Dplear
    REEBOK ULTRALIGHTS.....the ONLY shoe for me now. They are lightweight, and offer great support and comfort. They can be found in any Reebok outlet or Tennis shoe store such as footlocker or Finish Line. They run anywhere from 65 on up
  13. by   Rileycat
    THANKS EVERYONE! I appreciate your input.
  14. by   moonchild20002000

    K Mart has a shoe called cobbie cuddlers. They come in clogs and lace up running shoe type. They sell for about $20,are all leather shoes and VERY comfortable. I have tried many different types and price ranges and these really feel great on my feet.