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  1. mlvogt

    WhooHoo!! Got an 80!!

    congrats to everyone I just found out that I got a 100% on my math test and 87% on two theory tests in a row I am psyched Our nursing program has been using the multiple choice only format for tests for years and I am thankful I hate fill in the blank I get the urge to write bad things in the blanks just kiddin;)
  2. mlvogt


    I am so xtremely stressed out. I am In my 3rd week of school and have my second nursing exam on monday I also have skills checkoff on the same day. I have been so busy trying to learn my skill that I am neglecting to study for my theory test. any one have any suggestions for situations like this. I wouldn't be stressing so much except that just when I thought the skills checkoff couldn't get any worse the instructor added more to it with just a couple of days to learn it. The worst part about is that there are 70 students in my class and the skills lab is always full and there aren't enough instructors to help. I just wanted to get that off my chest. thanks for any suggestions:eek: :eek:
  3. mlvogt

    Nurse Tracking Devices: Whats Your Opinion?

    the hospital I work at has already installed this system and I have to say I really actually like it. I have only heard of one instance of " tracking peoples time" and I say it was necessary. I mean when you have a cna who spends a total of 75 min in patients rooms in a 12 hour shift you have good reason to be looking into this. and the unit clerks really appreciate being able to find you for a drs call or family looking for you. Next thing at our hospital every single nurse will be receiving a mobile phone they already did it in imcu and it works great. I do understand that this monitoring system could cause problems with privacy but I think we should be open to ideas that could benefit everyone.
  4. mlvogt

    OT: Unit Secretary

    I work in a hospital as a unit secretary and I start nursing school in september. Everyone I know says that this is an awesome job to hace before going to school. YOu learn about labs and rx lots of helpful info take the job its not only informative I have alot of fun with it. Never a dull moment especially because Im a float
  5. mlvogt

    summer classes

    Yeeeaaahhh I dont have to go back to school until sept. I will be taking my nursing courses only. because Im done with everything else Anyways I took micro last summer and it was 3.5 hours 4 days a week but I was glad I did it because I got a "B" which I think is good. Good luck everyone this summer.
  6. The school where I applied only accepts 60 students a year (on average only half graduate) I know for a fact that last year 120 people applied I did and did not get accepted. well anyways I applied again and am waiting for my letter of acceptance! YEEEAAAHHH I was told that 130+ people applied this year and that next year they are only going to be taking 55 students I dont understand with the shortage shouldn't they be boosting the # rather than decreasing it.
  7. mlvogt

    nursing school grad rates?

    At the college I am planning on attending the graduation rate is only about 50% while the state board pass rates are 99% I was just wondering is this normal? It seems that the instructors just like to weed out students. I have been told they are horrible instructors but on the other hand I have been told that they are great.Im just wondering are nursing schools like this everywhere. PS I am so excited about starting nursing school. Im really not worried just wondering if this is normal.
  8. mlvogt

    New grad pay rates?

    I was told by the new grads that new rns make between 18-22 dollars an hour I think the lower end of the scale is for people who take the internships after the internship they get boosted up in pay. I dont think that is a bad starting pay. And to the nurse from canada we have a ton of canadian nurses lots are agency but some are permanent, Im thinking the pay must be better. :)
  9. mlvogt

    How old are you?

    I will be 25 when I graduate with my RN I feel like I have been trying to get here for so long. I started school when I was 19 it is taking too long but when you have to support yourself through school it takes longer.
  10. sometimes it kills me to go into topics like this. why do we do this to each other we should work together and not against each other we should see the value of na's and rn's and understand why they are both important parts of healthcare. yes im sure rn's could do the job without na's but dont they make you life easier? I know my opinion dosent count because I am a cna but I am going to nursing school and I hope I never look down at a cna who has the potential to be great .
  11. mlvogt

    2 tube stethoscopes vs. single tubed stethoscopes

    i agree with who ever it was that said to buy the littman classic II se it is the best bet when it comes to value. The one that someone mentioned that cost $30 dollars is really more suited for a cna it is good for blood pressures. When you are in nursing school you are going to need a stethoscope that is good for breath sounds and heart sounds the classic II is ideal for these areas of care.
  12. mlvogt

    Preparing for Nursing School

    i am also starting nursing school this fall (ahhhhh) anyways I bought a tabers when i was 18 and started anatomy and physiology right after that. I am glad anatomy was offered at my high school. I love my tabers I read it all the time. if I am watching tv and I hear a medical term that I am not familiar with I just look it up. I hope this helps you and good luck !!!!!!!
  13. mlvogt

    Professional Attire for Nurses

    I try to keep most of my uniform white a white based top with colored pants or white pants with a colored top. I think that it is so neat that we have all these different options to be individualized. I have even seen harley davidson scrubs lol. Anyways I think that most anything goes I just dont think that nurses should wear all black I think that this can be preceived as negative (maybe?)
  14. mlvogt

    Oh, my aching feet!

    a good solid clog is what you may be looking for. I recommend Dansko clogs. you can buy them at the better shoe stores they are a bit pricey. They offer good support for those standing all day. They are not a cushy shoe they are a supportive shoe with a good arch.
  15. mlvogt

    All Nurses Read This

    1. cna and nursing student 2. five years as a cna 3. pacific northwest 4. yes 5. yes 6. yes 7. yes 8. no they are nothing but liars 9. yes, but being cut back 10.yes, I love my work 11.no mandatory ot but lots of voluntary ot with plenty of guilt trips 12.usually one break in 8 hours 13.swing shift 14.had two holidays off in one year 15.against the union 16 no 17.the management at the hospital i work at generally suck. All they care about is how they look on paper. forget real life and staffing issues.
  16. mlvogt


    The hospital I work at is going through a "redesign process" The purpose is to come out in the black finacially ( Im sure they were never in the red) They have cut many of our support services including the admit team. They even wanted to get rid of the IV therapy dept.( that didn't go over well) anyways the question and comment I have is the hospital wants to eliminate the lpn positions. (Bad idea in my mind) well any ways they want to replace them with cna's. Has anybody else worked in RN/CNA teams and how do they work.

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