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  1. jkh

    why do you come to this site?

    I like coming to this site beacuse it is so well organized. It's quick and easy to pick and choose the threads you want to read or not read. The icons that let you know if there is new postings or not. Brian Short does such a nice job of changing it ...
  2. jkh

    Untitled Poem

    I loved the poem! How about The Healing Touch? or The Power to Heal? The Stranger?
  3. jkh

    Nurses prayer

    May the Lord comfort and strengthen you and your family during this difficult time
  4. jkh

    Angels of Mercy

    I began looking at taking care of the dying person as a blessing when I was working at a convent for retired nuns. When someone was dying there was always other nuns at bedside singing, praying and holding their hand to celebrate the entry into etern...
  5. jkh

    Oh, my aching feet!

    I'll second the New Balance crosstrainers. I have a pair for work and a pair for everyday! J.C. Penny Total Support Hose work well too.
  6. jkh

    Soup for Nurses

    What a great idea! I've read about 10 of the "Chicken Soup" books myself and would love to see one for health care workers. If you like reading books like that another series is the "Small Miracle" books.
  7. jkh

    Please help me choose my new job title!

    How about information specialist? Education connoisseur? Developmental consultant? You could just have fun with it!
  8. jkh

    Charting Bloopers

    A visiting psychiatrist from India was at rounds one morning when he wrote the following in the patient's note, "He is clearly psychotic this morning. He states he has a frog in his throat."
  9. I live in an area where you have the choice of a community college or a university. Some choose the community college due to cost. Others choose the university because the percentage of students that finish the course is actually higher. The communi...
  10. jkh


    GWB is not the world's most healthcare-conscious candidate, but his rival has indicated that he is willing to do to health care what has already been done to everything else the government touches: ruin it. Anyone else out there drowning in gov't-man...
  11. jkh

    Stain advice please.

    Try FELS-NAPTHA. It's a heavy duty laundry soap that comes in a bar it gets out almost anything!
  12. Hi oramar Just wondering if the site you are searching for is http://pub16ezboard.com/nursingboard. posted Oct. 8th by NikkiN It looks like a brand new site similar to this one. No one has posted anything yet though.
  13. jkh

    Passive Aggressive?

    I am wondering whose idea is it to go to the ER? Does the client demand it, or does the daughter make her go? Have you considered a depression screening? Sometimes multiple somatic complaints can be a sign of depression. Can she be checked into an i...
  14. jkh


    I agree that the nursing care plan, when used properly generates continuity of care and benefits both the care giver and the cleint to reach or maintain optimal health and function. Where else in the chart can you fing everything you need to know abo...
  15. jkh

    dealing with difficult patients

    Another approach is to find out the underlaying reason for the behavior. Does the patinet act this way all the time or is it a new behavior. Is he in pain, hungry fear of falling during a transfer or just impatient? If he is just plain impatient th...
  16. jkh

    Geriatric Care Plans

    A good book is Geriatric Nursing Care Plans. by Marie Jaffee, RN, MS. New Edition. I have another one at work I can get the name and author for you. Do you have computerized care plans? When I was doing them, I used those and a care plan book for...