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  1. by   imenid37
    Thanks for being the kitty's angel. I have several kitties (I am not giving an actual number) and three crazy dachshunds. My husband said to me last night, "you sure do love animals." He likes them, but is much less bonded than I am.
  2. by   canoehead
    I've stopped for two run over cats. One I saw on my way in to work, and then about an hour later was driving back and saw him move, it was pouring rain so I had to stop. Both of those cats died within 12 hours, and both happened at night so I just gave them a soft place to rest and stayed with them. One was paralyzed from about the waist down, but used her claws to drag herself a few inches closer to me so she could lick my hand in thanks. I'll never forget.

    None of my cats have died while I was with them, they always wait until I leave the room. One I was certain was going to die within minutes, held on for hours until I went to get a shower (I was going to have the vet put her down, she was so stubborn) I wonder if that's a cat thing...do you have to leave them alone so they can let go?
  3. by   Do-over
    Great job on rescuing the kitty!
  4. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    I have always taken in animals, many of them sick and/or injured, and held onto them until I can find them a good home. I do believe that how we treat our animals is a reflection on our own humanity, so heaven help whoever tossed that little cat out of the car.

    By the way, Happy Mothers Day to all those "pet mommas" out their too.
  5. by   Medic/Nurse
    god bless you. what a wonderful tail of love and compassion.

    i'm a big animal person - to the point of obnoxious behavior toward people that do not treat their animals well. my hubby is convinced if i'm ever shot and left beside the road - it will be at the hands of someone that i had an "animal issue" with. :eek!: you gotta stand for something!

    here is one of my tails of love.

    [font="verdana"]for the love of the mule.

    when we were building our house - my contractors (hubby and dad) would find me "busy" work (errands to town). i'm miles away and they can do what they want - brilliant plan. except that you usually do not need cases of caulking at the framing stage - so, i have to wonder if it was part of his master plan.

    i arrived at the lumber company (that had the sale caulk!) at nearly 4 pm. i did not see it - but when i got out of my truck there it was - a filthy, nearly hairless, flea infested, screaming little thing that had pus running from his eyes and one ear. he did not even have whiskers - due to the infection draining from his face. he was small. very small - but he was loud.

    mew. mew. mew. meew. meeeew. meeeeew. meeeeeewwww!

    he wrapped himself around my feet. he would not be deterred or denied. he was determined - he rubbed on me like his life depended on it. i think he knew that his life did depend on finding someone. i reached down to pick him up. he was purring.

    wow. i am not a cat person - i was really allergic and as a child my nightmares were filled with dreams of cats licking me or biting me and latching on. not a cat person. really.

    i had brought a few dogs home over the 20 years i had been with my hubby - but, never a cat. i was not a cat person. my hubby had rescued a cat from their mining offices a few years earlier - but, he was an outside cat. the meowser was not an endearing cat by any stretch of the imagination. not a cat person.

    anyway, here i stood with this purring, mewing little pus ball climbing up my ams and deciding to "nest" and nuzzle in the back of my hair. ewww.

    i though about it for about 2 seconds and i went in the lumber company. some may mentioned that "that cat found a sucker (me)" - and then it happened.

    i got everyone in the lumber company to "look over here and i've got something to say". i have a voice that cannot be ignored and it carries!

    "i want to know how many of you walked past this little kitten and kicked it out of the way. i'm thinking he has been here for a while and yet, everyone let him be. that makes me a bit angry. you all know that god does judge us - that's right, it's true. we are judged by what we do for those less fortunate and fragile - older people, children and animals. so, for all of you that looked the other way - well, you may have some explaining to do and you might just go to hell."

    well, i'm pleased to report that i think everyone heard me - because the entire place was real quiet.

    and then a lady said - "are you going to be needing a box for your cat?"


    so, we heading home - my intent was to get him to the vet, find a home and well - do the best thing i could for the kitty.

    when i pulled up in the drive and opened the back of the explorer - i brought out a box and without even a sound - my hubby (who was 100ft of so away) yells - "thatbetternotbeacatinthatbox." it came out just like that - one word.

    i had never brought home a cat. until now.

    this wonderful magical little creature has to sleep touching me and many more little mew acts that makes him the wonder he is.

    if anyone had told me 10 years ago - that i'd have 2 "bed" cats, i'd have laughed.

    anyway - we got him well and it is almost a magical tale of divine feline intervention.

    we named him mew (my dad thought it was mule) so the mew mew aka "the mule kitty" has a great cat life (we got another cat that came to the house about the same time) and is in love with this cat we called kiki (started out as kitty kiity). of course the meowser tolerates them - so, we are a three cat house. (2 dogs as well).

    our life is so much better because of our "family". we know that the price we will pay for loving them will be heartbreak - but, i'll choose to life for the joy and make each day worth the promise of the pain that losing them will bring - we need them as much as they need us. we are all blessed!
  6. by   BEDPAN76
    NREMT, Thank you soooo much for sharing that story. Made me feel so good inside. It's been a long 8 years since I've had a cat but hoping to get one soon. Anyway, thanks again and have a terrific Mothers Day!
  7. by   Tait
    Well if we are sharing stories of animal rescue my saddest one was over...a duck.

    I used to drive a 20 minute stretch of road in Wisconsin from home (I was living with my grandmother at the time, age 18 or so) to my work. I had the day off, but was heading to work from some reason or another.

    I noticed a mallard duck on the side of the road. Now my mom and I have rescued turtles, raccoons, cats, dogs and all the like...but never a duck!

    I found that she was unable to move much, so I drove to a nearby greenhouse and and they gave me a box and some straw. I went back to the place and started to try and figure out how I was going to wrangle this duck and not get bit. (One rule we always have is, "if it's wild, and it can't move well, it might be sick).

    Well right as I was mustering up the courage to scoot the duck in the box to take it to the vet a staunchy little man came wandering out of the nearby house and promptly said "that is my duck".

    I looked at him in bewilderment but was completely powerless as he walked over, scooped up the duck and walked off with her.

    I think I cried for over an hour, convinced the man had taken the duck to kill it and eat it.

  8. by   imenid37
    Here is a nice story for the animal mommas http://ydr.inyork.com/ci_12277215?source=most_viewed
    This is a wonderful foster mom indeed.
  9. by   flightnurse2b
    awww... what a great story. god bless you for stopping to save that little baby's life!!!!

    my furbaby turns one soon. she was a sickly little 2 lb stray kitten covered in fleas when we got her. she's a spoiled rotten chubby cat now. i was never a "cat person"... but my cat has totally won me over. she is my little buddy and i don't know what i would ever do without her.

    happy mother's day to all moms... human and fur babies.
  10. by   Midwest4me
    Quote from catshowlady
    i'm glad the little guy is going to a new home. may the person who threw him out of the car be pecked to death by a duck after stepping in a thousand hacked-up hairballs. in bare feet.
    i believe in some biblical punishment for that guy...as in "an eye for an eye." that guy who so thoughtlessly threw that kitten from the car should be thrown from a car. what a horrific thing to do to an animal. abuse shouldn't be tolerated against any living thing. i'm so happy that the kitten found a good home---thanks to the op's kind heart and fast legs! god bless you.
  11. by   nerdtonurse?
    Hey, my furbabies say, "High five!"

    In my state, an LPN can work as a vet. asst. -- we can start fluid ivs at the humane society at the vet's order -- too bad humans don't have a scruff we can run fluids under! And I've cleaned maggots out of open wounds, etc.
  12. by   bekindtokittens
    What a great rescue story! I'm so glad there are others out there who stop for an animal in need. I've never found any live cats to save, although I'm always watching out the car window for them. I'm the person who stops and moves the dead cats out of the road, and then I knock on every door until I find the owner. Although my cats are strictly indoor cats, I'd still want someone looking out for me and my cats should something like that ever happen.

    I'd like to think there is a special hell for animal abusers. These cats and dogs, domesticated and relying completely on humans for their well-being...it just kills me to think that there are people out there who would prey on such defenseless creatures.
  13. by   nursejohio
    Quote from imenid37
    Here is a nice story for the animal mommas http://ydr.inyork.com/ci_12277215?source=most_viewed
    This is a wonderful foster mom indeed.
    Aww... that made me cry! My furbabies mean the world to me, I can only hope someone would do the same thing for me if need be.

    Nothing will make me hop on my soap box faster than irresponsible owners. I've been known to call the humane society (repeatedly) on a neighbor who lets his pug (version 2.0, the original was smooshed by a car) roam the streets. Like having one dog get killed on street wasn't enough? I'm in the midst of a falling out with one of my oldest friends because he doesn't see anything wrong with getting rid of his newest dog every 6 months or so when it's the monster he allowed it to become by not socializing or training it.:angryfire

    There has to be a special, extra unpleasant spot in hell for people that are cruel to the most defenseless of creatures, right?