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You have a person with vaginal candidiasis. She has a reaction to miconazole so the usual over-the-counter stuff can't be used. The other choices of Mycelex (which I think is clortrimazole) works... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Okay, I'm allergic to all of the -azole type of meds-- flucanazole, nystatin, monostat, and the rest of the "common" drugs for yeast infections. The last time I was on antibiotics, the doc told me to start taking acidophyllus tablet orally and to also get some boric acid powder and put it in some empty gelatin capsules from the drug store and insert 1 BID vaginally. It worked. The only problems are :1. the national chain drug stores don't sell boric acid powder (I finally found it at a large indepndant drug and gift store); 2. NO ONE sells empty gelatin capsules anymore (I finally emptied out some larger ones that had an herbal med in it that I wasn't using anymore and carefully wiped and dusted out each and every one of thoose blasted things and then carefully filled each with the boric acid powder).

    I have used the yogurt before and will continue to do so when it is on surface skin areas; just be sure to coat it evenly and then dry it thoroughly with a heat lamp or hair dryer since it feel much better than if it is wet. (I've had yeast infections on my earlobes and even my knee after antibiotics; I seem to be very susceptible to them!)

    Vinegar douches work; but only to a point. Same with Tea Tree oil douches.

    I have never heard of the gentian violet treatment before, but will definitely remember it for future use.
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  2. by   Jenny P
    Concerning yogurt: there is a difference between "made with" and "containing live" active cultures. Yogurts that say "made with" may not have live cultures anymore, so the "containing live" yogurt cultures work better than the others. I usually use a plain, organic yogurt or else make my own yogurt (that is when you really can tell the difference in yogurts!).
  3. by   globalRN

    1. confirmed dx of yeast? r/o other causes?

    2. ? DM, ?HIV - recent antibiotic use? on OCP?

    3. Was she using the products properly...for the full course?

    4. As for research findings, my understanding is that vaginal application of yogurt is ineffective in preventing or treating vag. yeast. Just a waste and messy too, regardless of +/- fruit. However, eating it or taking lactobacilli PO is effective in decreasing yeast infections.

    5. Now this I am not certain about...gentian violet was stopped r/t association with carcinogenesis.

    6. Most folk remedies are probably better for prevention or mild cases.

    7. If you have a resistant case, probably need to reconfirm the diagnosis-wet mount or culture
    Tough cases need oral antifungal tx

    that's my .02 cents
  4. by   kittyw
    Garlic ... lots of it. I take it at the first hint of any infection ... and it goes away.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Acidophilus....found in milk and dairy products or as a supplement to be taken. It helps restore natural balance and beneficial bacteria to fight overpopulations of yeast. That and good ole fashioned plain yogurt douches like suggested earlier. Have her see a MIDWIFE or NATUROPATH about this if these natural solutions don't work....there are any number of herbals to try but I would not get into that here, not being a midwife or herbalist. Also:

    There is a GREAT Womens' health book, called FOR WOMEN ONLY, can be found at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It is 1600 pages of amazing info covering female health issues from abortion to yeast infections and everything in between. It addresses traditional medical treatment options, herbals, and homeopathic or so-called NON-traditional treatment options and come terrific essays about issues concerning women's health today. It is INDISPENSIBLE in my opinion. Let me know, I have the ISBN if you want it. Hope this helps!
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  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Gosh, you guys are wonderful!!
  7. by   kids
    I read this thread last night and nothing came to mind...i was standing in line at the Post Office today and had a really intrusive thought...Monostat 1...the OTC single dose treatment does NOT contain miconazole. Off the top of my head I don't remember what it is but...it is the only OTC product that contains it.

    The up and down sides of it are: it is only 1 dose and is an ointment rather than a cream so it doesn't 'glop out' in a matter of minutes or ooze constantly through 3-7 days of tx but it does leave you feeling kind of greasy.
  8. by   ?burntout
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  9. by   PGH70
    its 2:39 AM and I'm thinking about WHAT????
    anyway, how about diflucan, or did I miss something here?
    yuk. good luck.
  10. by   BrandyBSN
    diflucan would be great... however it is not OTC, and I think that this treatment must be OTC.
  11. by   globalRN
    IMO, : reconfirm the dx first and if it is a resistant case...I am not too optimistic OTC and natural remedies would necessarily work.
  12. by   NurseDianne
    :chuckle Get her to douche w/ buttermilk.........honestly......it does work.............sounds terrible........but an OB/GYN doc and his wife told us to tell our OB's to use it........and had wonderful results.......and less expensive...........

  13. by   grizngrit
    Yougurt with active cultures taken internally (Fruit OK), and topically (without fruit) helps.