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I wrote about a year ago, looking for nurses to talk to for a story I was doing on the nursing shortage. Many of you asked that I post when the piece was going to run. It will be in this weekend's... Read More

  1. by   night owl
    Baby, You're the greatest! Excellant piece of work......................
    Thank you very much! :kiss Best wishes to you
  2. by   Hardknox
    Your article was really to the point, Sara. Ironically this would be a GOOD day for a nurse.

    One thing about the nursing shortage: there are plenty of nurses out there. Some are just not willing to put up with the unsafe conditions that the hospital administration and insurance companies have caused. Also hospitals would rather not hire skilled nurses or retain them due to their higher wage. That is why they are looking for foreign nurses and newly graduated nurses.

    Keep up the good work.
  3. by   P_RN
    Sara, thank you.
  4. by   RyanRN
    Congratulations and thank you. Well done!
  5. by   KP RN
    Thank you Sara!
    Congratulations Sara! It's a great piece!

  7. by   baseline
    Congratulations!! Very nice indeed!
  8. by   nurseygrrl

    Congratulations and thank you. You truly captured what it feels like to be a nurse. That last sentence really got to me. I've been in that situation before. This is a beautifully eloquent piece...be proud of it!
  9. by   Cafe
    It is just to bad this article couldn't be published in newspapers throughout the country to enlighten our public. That added support could help us within our hospitals to initiate some change. Is that illlusions of grandeur, delerium, or what!!!
  10. by   OC_An Khe
    Kudos, well written. Please do more.
  11. by   jlc
    I can only add my thanks to Sara. The article said it all. Job well done Sara lets pray that it has as much impact on the powers to be as it does with the nurses. Thanks agian JJ
  12. by   teamrn

    I'll be keeping your article; I've had a letter to the NewYorkTimes and one to Wash Post printed. Now its time to submit a few op-ed pieces. Nurses cannot afford to remain silent any longer and watch our healthcare system crumble, as we've too much training and valuable input regarding potential solutions. This is an great example of teamwork at its best.

    Another thought is to contact legislators about WHAT we'd like them to be doing for US. After all, we elected them.

    Please, everyone who commended Sara on her article; if you're on this BB, I'm sure you have ideas to share with local or other journalists. She can't be the only RN to speak; we ALL must

    Thanks, and keep on plugging!
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  13. by   chattypaula
    Sara, thank you for the excellent article.

    I agree that this was actually a pretty 'good' shift: no codes, no patients complaining, no docs throwing fits, and the Nurses actually got to take a break.

    But it is the kind of the article that the public will read. It might even make them stop and think. They might even realize, "Hey, this needs to be changed".

    I would love to see this article in newspapers across the country. Can you submit it to other papers?

    I sent a letter to the editor of the NY Times. I agree that all Nurses should be writing: articles, letters to the editor, anything that will get the word out.

    Let us know if you are published anywhere else and I will write the editor there. Often the number of replies they get is what decides what will be printed.

    Thanks again.
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