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just thought about the next full moon coming up.........loonies......... and that they tend to happen in threes....... and any others out there......... getting ready for work............ Read More

  1. by   kailucan
    I found out the hard way about "jinxing" my floor at the hospital where I work. I'm new and our hospital is very small and I VERY innocently asked if we ever get many trachs or g-tubes, well the next night I worked we had 2 in the same room with both (trachs AND g-tubes). Like I said the hospital where I work is small and we have 24 rooms on med/surg. Also slipped and said the "s" word at 5 pm one night and we had 4 admits before 7pm. UHG. Wish I'd known better...............
  2. by   micro
    mattsmom.........that calm before the storm......have seen it to many times to discount it.........
    there may be a scientific basis for it.....but to me it in another realm of living that we don't fully understand.........
    i can say slow and quiet now for a few days.......hehehehehehehe i am on vacation......
  3. by   fedupnurse
    Enjoy your vacation Micro! Mine just ended. Funny how fast 2 weeks goes by and how slow a 12 hour shift can go, huh??
  4. by   ChristenLPN
    Originally posted by kahann
    Coincidentally I have had the same set of scrubs on in every code I have been involved in--got to be a standing joke when I wore them that somebody was going to code. These scrubs now hang in the back of my closet unworn. If a patient begins to go bad I always say they can't code, I don't have my "code scrubs" on. Haven't been in a code in over a year--(probably jinxed myself now!)

    Too weird! The 3 years I spent in OB, I always had the same set of scrubs on every time we had a fetal demise or missed AB. Did not wear those scrubs again till I went to urgent care. Thankfully, my patients here do not seem to be affected by them!

  5. by   dianah
    :uhoh21: A neonatologist I worked with years ago said, plain and simple, she would never touch vent settings after 6 p.m. on weeknights, and wouldn't make any adjustments after 12 noon on weekends (Fri - Sat - Sun nites); "All the kids have trouble when I make any changes after those times, so I just don't do it," she said.
    We never say the Q - word, either.
    We take call for urgent angios and special procedures for Radiology, and I do NOT like to answer when non-medical, well-meaning friends ask, "So, have you been called in this weekend?" To blithely answer, "No, isn't that great????" would invite work! I usually whisper, "Not yet, but I don't talk about it." All us Radiology nurses have experienced increase in cases when certain phrases are mentioned, so we don't mention 'em.
  6. by   micro
    hope there is no superstit' about returning to work after time away..........
    I will not believe in superstit' i will not believe in superstit'

    back today.....few hours
  7. by   kahann
    Got to work last night and noted that 3-11 charge nurse had the same style scrubs on that I have deemed my "code scrubs" (She and I are the only ones that have these scrubs). There was a code on the floor during 3-11 and I joked with her that it was the infamous "code scrubs". She thought it was pretty interesting but noted that the only time she is in a code on 3-11 is when it's their turn to check the crash cart--UH OH maybe this is a double jinx.
  8. by   RNinICU
    I have heard of all of these except knotting the sheet, but I will try it. I can remember having experiences similar to many of these. I have also seen figures in the halls or have had patients tell me they have seen someone shortly before they died. There is a long hall that goes to the pharmacy that is deserted at night. Every time I have to go to the pharmacy at night, I hear a woman crying in this hallway. On one floor of our hospital there is a figure in a white uniform and cap that has been seen looking in on patients just before they die. Most people think it is one of our old supervisors who commited suicide after her husband died. We park the crash cart outside of a patient's room if he looks like he is ready to go to scare the code away.
  9. by   SmBaxter
    In our hospital, if you are working on the Tele Unit, and are wearing purple scrubs, one of your patients is going to go "south".
    I thought it was bull until one night I floated down there, while wearing my purple scrubs, and had a pt on a ms pca go into resp
  10. by   SmBaxter
    oops hit wrong button! failure from the ms with rr of FOUR! Needless to say, my patient ended up in the ICU on a Narcan gtt for well over twenty-four hours! I scoff no more!
  11. by   SmBaxter
    Hey Karen -did you mention that you wore your code scrubs on the tele unit????
  12. by   Sue D
    I work in reconstructive surgery...we NEVER say "good result"
  13. by   LISAJO