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Hi there. We are finally going to graduate and have been given information about our nursing pins. We have been told that we have to get a certain kind from herff jones, inc/jh recognition company.... Read More

  1. by   RN1982
    I don't remember how much my pin cost, but it must have been cheap because it broke. Anyhow, we didn't have a pinning ceremony and I haven't worn my pin since graduation.
  2. by   GadgetRN71
    I got the 10K one, and I think it was around 150.00. My mom insisted on buying mine as a graduation present. We weren't given the option of a pin guard..anyone know how I could get one? I wore mine but after I almost lost it a couple of times, i got nervous. I'd love to start wearing it again..
  3. by   truern
    A local hospital donated our pins that were 10K. Another hospital donated our lanterns and yet another gave us long-stemmed red roses. I have my lantern and pin in a display along with my nurses cap and the rolled up "diploma" we received during the pinning ceremony. I don't wear my pin, though. I haven't found a place on my scrubs where it's not in the way.
  4. by   kmarie724
    I just graduated in December. The cheapest pin we could buy was $30. We didn't have to buy one. I didn't buy one for the pinning ceremony because I also had a baby in December (3 days before our pinning ceremony!) and I needed to save every penny I could to pay our bills during my maternity leave. When I told my mom that I didn't buy one, she went and bought one for me for a Christmas gift. I didn't think I really cared about having a pin, but when I opened it on Christmas, I actually got a little teary eyed (could have just been PP hormones), so I'm so glad my parents bought me one.
  5. by   SaraO'Hara
    I bought our school's sterling silver pin ($55), and wear it on my work nametag.
  6. by   twinkerrs
    Quote from gigi_rn
    I think it's unfortunate that the history of our profession is not taught. Your nursing pin identifies your school, and is a badge of honor. Our caps also used to identify our school, but that has fallen away. When I went back for my BSN, I was dismayed to find that we didn't wear whites for pinning, just street clothes. I wear my school pins, as well as pins for my certifications.
    I am so glad to see someone else who believes in tradition. We had a vote in our class on what to wear for pinning and white scrubs won and now people are pitching a fit. I think the cap and gown are fine for GRADUATION and the white scrubs are for pinning.

    I bought a guard to go with my, and our class fund is paying for our pins.
  7. by   JBudd
    The little chain and guard saved my pin more than once. But now that I'm only in scrubs I don't wear it. I do like symbols though, and am glad I have one.
  8. by   A_Simp
    The school that I went to built the pin cost into the last semesters tuition and we did not have a choice in regards to the pin, which I think was a good way to do it. Our class did get to choose what uniform we wore for the pinning and we all chose white!

    I prouldly wear my pin on my badge by sucuring it through the plastic holder, that way it is harder for it to fall off if it becomes unhinged.

  9. by   Flare
    My ASN school colors were maroon and silver so it seemed more natural for me to get the silver. Pin guards weren't offered. I wish they were.