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    Sounds like what I'm looking for. too bad it's not electronic.
  2. A_Simp


    Thanks for the posts. Any info on titration would be helpful too. As an example, we had a pt on cardizem 10mg/hr and my preceptor changed it to 5mg/hr then off. I realized some drips you only titrated 1-2 mg or mcg at a time and then need to monitor VS q15min, etc. Any guidence or generalized parameters would be great.
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    I just started working on a progressive care unit and want to know if anyone has a good link, resource, study guide or cheat sheet on drips - cardizem, amiodrione, heparin, etc? I ultimately would love an Excel spreadsheet with all the info on it so I could keep it with me at work. If not, I'll eventually make my own. I've tried to search through my hospital policies but have not be able to find any guidence for titration, VS frequency, etc. Thanks for your help! I'm sure I'll get a lot of great tips!
  4. A_Simp

    Tax Deduction

    In addition to what has been mentioned above, I have deducted some of the cost of my smartphone/PDA (Electronic drug guide & medical reference on it), drug guide updates, pens, notebooks, printer supplies for my report sheets, etc. Parking and food expenses to travel to training or educational classes. Oh yeah, and medical expenses (if not employee health) for work physicals or vaccines. Hope this helps!
  5. A_Simp

    Teaching hospitals in Charlotte

    There 2 hosptial system in Charlotte - Novant Health (Presbyterian) and Carolina's Medical Center (CMC). CMC is the teaching hospital is Presbyterian is non-teaching/private.
  6. Going to be relocating soon and wanted to get some feedback on CMC and Presby - Pay, benefits, culture, etc. Thanks!
  7. A_Simp

    How often do you draw Troponins at your hospital?

    Where I work in MASS, our order set is written q8 until peak but we stop if neg x2 or possibly 3. Hope that helps!
  8. Interesting blog! From my own experience, it did take 3 yrs for me to complete my RN - 1 yr for the pre reqs and the other 2 yr for the NSG courses. I realize there is quite a bit of debate regarding ASN vs BSN but for my particular situation, I all ready have a AS and BS in another field and found the ASN route the most cost effective approach to earning my RN. In my area of the country and hospital there is no $$ difference or distinction unless I am looking to grow into management or education position. Out of the 30 or so students from my nursing class about 3/4 of us had all ready obtained degrees in other subject areas. One classmate had a MS in guidance, another MS in history and was a teacher. I believe the ASN route is a good option for 2nd or 3rd career changers, who's goal is to getting into bedside NSG. After they are licensed and get their feet wet, they can continue onward with their education, while taking advantage of tuition programs through their employer. ASN vs BSN is not an accurate comparision because of what I mentioned above about 2nd or 3rd career changers. Most are older, non-traditional students, including myself, offering a diverse skill set and life expierences. In my own case, I was a business consultant for a franshise company and had to develop relationships with franchisees in order to educated them on how to operate all facets of running a sucessful business. In addition, I am a certified, FAA flight instructor and responsible for devolping flight training cirruculm as well as assisting students to develop critical thinking and technical skills in order to obtain their pilot licenses. When you're up in the air flying and there is an emergency or situation, you just can't stop and pull over to work the problem out. Unfortunately, instead of looking at a person as the "Whole Package" and really seeing all that they have to offer, we are relegated and at times, unfairly judged just by the type of NSG degrees we hold - ASN or BSN.
  9. A_Simp

    Share Your "Brain" Sheet

    Here is my . Like some of the other posters, I use 1 sheet per pt and place them in a divided notebook along with my emar. I have tried to cut down on the amount of writing and set it up to circle what I need. Let me know if you have any questions. This is verson 6! Report sheet 5wh v6.pdf