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I was just wondering how many of us became nurses (or decided not to!) because they had family members who were nurses, and how this might have affected your outlook or enthusiasm for nursing. ... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    2 sisters, numerous aunts, cousins.. etc. Teachers or nurses.
  2. by   Ms.Hobbes
    My inspiration to become a nurse came from an Aunt. She started out as an LVN then upgraded to an RN, now she is a NP, specialized in OBGYN. I have no other relatives that work in the medical field though, which says a lot because I have a huge family
  3. by   Heath82371
    My husband is a RN and is in school to become a CRNA. I have a cousin who is a CRNA, one who is a ARNP, and another who is a RN flight nurse. My hubby's grandma was also a nurse. Hubby's cousin is a RN case manager and his mom (hubby's aunt) was an EMT. My sister and I both have graduate degrees and work in mental health. Guess helping people runs in families! Also have two Vets (animals not military) in the family.
  4. by   obeyacts2
    Hmm....on my mothers side, Mom and grandma. BTW, we will have all been thry the same school. I will graduate in 2 yrs. Dads side, Dads Mom, and Grandma. Countless cousins and other relatives.


    ooops, i forgot to mention I married into a nursing family as well, MIL, both my Dh grandmas, several aunts cousins etc. Also have a SIL who is the veterinary equivalent of an RN. When I announced I was going back to school for my RN my MIL just said I always knew you would I just wondered when.
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  5. by   MrsK1223
    My mother is an RN, my cousin in an RN, my aunt is an RN, my step-grandmother is a CRNA, I have many other distant cousins who are RN's and others in other fields in the medical dept. My mom didn't right out discourage me but she wasn't thrilled I decided to do it...thought I should go into med cousin and aunt who are around my age also are looking to other looking into getting out of nursing and going to law school.
  6. by   kavi
    Originally posted by BMS4
    My mom is, two on my dad's side and four others on mom's side. I think some families are just service oriented, meaning adding to the nurses, my family consists of mainly teachers, police officers, and military members. With a doctor and a couple of pharmacists thrown in to round us out.
    Boy is that true!
    Just about everyone in my family who isn't a Nurse--(seven in my immediate family if you count first cousins)--- is a police officer, firefighter, or school teacher. It's been that way on both sides for several generations. ((I am the first EMT though!)

    And of the next generation, nieces and nephews, four are college age. One is studying nursing, one is studying physical therapy, one is studying elementary education!

    I never thought about it that much until I read BMS4's post!
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  7. by   sunnygirl272
    My mom is an RN, who got her LPN after my dad died....i usta listen to her and her (late) friend Wayne study and bytch and study and bytch....usta help them by quizzing them...finally decided mebbe i oughta give it a try too...
  8. by   jeannet83
    Not a nurse in the family but me (Is there a nurse in the house?! Is there a nurse in the house?!:roll )

    My young cousin is going for BSN now and wants to go right on to NP.

  9. by   cbs3143
    MIL was an LPN for many years and went back to school when an ADN program opened up, graduating in their first class. My wife and I graduated one year later from a diploma program. My youngest brother and his wife graduated from the same diploma program. They met and married during school. My SIL is an LPN.

    We've worked in a variety of settings from med-surg, psych, OB, ER, ICU, and home health.

    Holiday dinners can get interesting, at least for those who aren't working at the time

  10. by   TNcanNURSE
    My mom is a nurse, mother-in-law is a nurse, Two aunts are nurses, one cousin is a nurse, Stepfather is a paramedic, aunt is a surgical tech, first cousin who is a resp. therapist. Brother in law, sister in law, step-mother in law..............Am I forgetting somebody???

    Oh yeah, got plenty of the police in the family too.

    Yep I forgot some.......I have an aunt who is a social worker, a cousin who is a speech therapist and another aunt who just started nursing school.

    When I started college I swore I WAS NEVER EVER going to be a nurse. Guess the nursing germ is contagious though. Look at me now.
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  11. by   Beach_RN
    My older sister and my cousin are nurses! My cousin was actually the one who inspired me to return to school as well as a good friend, she is a 2nd career nurse and loves it! She is my biggest cheerleader!
  12. by   rebeccajs
    My mom is a nurse, her two aunts were before her. I was geared from the time I was born to follow in my mom's footsteps. In kindergarten, i was the nurse in the "when I grow up" play. It was always a given. Luckily I really enjoy what I do! Also on my Dad's side, 2 aunts and 4 cousins are nurses! Definitely a family affair!
  13. by   CraftyLPN
    My mom is a LPN, as is my sister, both me and my SIL went to LPN school together and then there is my 4 aunts who are nurses...2 RN's and 2 LPN's