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  1. Heath82371

    childcare and nursing

    i have a quick question for those who are working full time. i am a RN and i am not currently working (by choice). i miss nursing and hope to go back someday. my problem is childcare. i want to go back to bedside nursing (working 12 hour shifts) but my husband is a CRNA and works 24 hour shifts and some day shifts. what are childcare arrangements like for those who are working? we have no local family and even if i work days, what do i do with my child at 6am when we would leave for work or after 7 when i finally get off....??
  2. Heath82371

    Kaplan pass rates

    I took Kaplan and am taking my NCLEX-RN soon. I was wondering if those who took Kaplan passed on their first attempt? Is there anyone out there that took Kaplan and didn't pass? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have been scoring inconsistently on the Qbank and Question trainer and I am starting to freak out!
  3. Heath82371

    Accepted to Barry Anesthesia School

    My cousin was in one of the first anesthesia classes at Barry and it is an excellent school. Good luck to you!
  4. Heath82371

    Age and CRNA Admission

    I have several friends that when in anesthesia school they were in their early 40s. I think in nursing age and experience are valued.
  5. Heath82371

    Moving to Jacksonville

    So, where did you decide?
  6. Heath82371

    Jacksonville Help Please

    I don't think so. I am a nursing student and my husband is a nurse and I have never heard that nursing is seasonal here. Jacksonville is not a tourist town so our city does not get the influx of the eldery traveling south for the winter.
  7. I am learning about nursing diagnoses and care plans. I am wondering if they are used in actual clinical practice? They seems to be labor intensive and fairly worthless in my opinion. I have worked in several psych hospitals and they were not used. Are they used in medical facilities?
  8. Heath82371

    Taking time off after nursing school

  9. Heath82371

    Taking time off after nursing school

  10. Heath82371

    Do you have to have a BSN for acceptance into a CRNA program?

    No. A friend has his BS in Chem from FSU and just graduated from FGCU's anesthesia program. He is an ADN grad as well.
  11. Heath82371

    Pregnant and Accelerated Second Degree BSN

    This is my first pregnancy. I think classes are done in May 2006 and we do a preceptorship for June and July with an August graduation. I don't know if I can delay entry until next year. The program is extremely competitive (510 applicants for 24 slots) and I would rather do it now when I am pregnant and/or the baby is young rather than when the baby is older and realizes just how often I am not home. I keep telling myself if I worked full time I would be gone as much as I will be between school and clinicals. I suppose I will talk to the professors during orientation in a few weeks.
  12. Heath82371

    Pregnant and Accelerated Second Degree BSN

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  15. Heath82371

    Jacksonville U or UNF info

    I was just accepted to the Second Degree Accelerated Program at UNF and JU. Thanks for your response!
  16. Heath82371

    I got in!!

    May 2005 with graduation Summer 2006!!