Nursing is like _______. One word, fill in the blank. Then explain.

  1. Nursing is like ___Tetris___.

    Looks easy, doesn't it? But the bricks are flying faster and faster as you play.

    What's nursing like to you?
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  3. by   emsboss
    Nursing is like....DRUGS....
    You HAVE to have it...And you need more and MORE to get the same result you got a year ago.
  4. by   Tweety
    a battlefield.

    You struggle every day with rebuilding your ammo every day to fight the best fight for your patients in a system that wants to constantly deny them.
  5. by   wanna-be-nurse
    A Box of Chocolates:

    You never know what ya gonna get.

    (I know, I know but I just couldn't
  6. by   chelli73

    you need balls to do it...

    you go in swinging...

    you want to give your BEST to your team...:

    you never want to get a strike...(whether it be a union or an angry patient!)

    more than anything, you want to run home with no problems!!!!

  7. by   zumalong
    Nursing is like sex. Somedays you go home at the end feeling like you are king of the world--and others you go home with a headache!!!
  8. by   epiphany
    a dream.

    Everyday at work you think - this can't be happening.
  9. by   mercyteapot
    children. Just when you think it is going to suck the lifeblood right out of you, something happens that reminds you why you got started in the first place, and you can't imagine life without it.
  10. by   ern91
    A bad relationship.....despite all the abuse, you keep going back for more.
  11. by   Keepstanding
    life !
    some days you are on top of the world and the next day you are in deep doggy do ! none the less, we continue on by the grace of god
  12. by   luvdaisy
    a menu.

    There is a lot of variety.
  13. by   catlady

    You keep thinking you're on solid ground, and the earth swallows you up every time...
  14. by   arelius
    Nursing is like the atmosphere. The more you climb the less air you have to breathe and then you get hit by a plane at 35,000 feet.

    (I couldn't think of anything and this sounded funny so...)