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  1. epiphany

    National Provider Identification Number

  2. epiphany

    a male midwife??? :S

    Yes. And I would chose a male midwife over a female OB any day. I don't endear myself to female OB's after what I have seen.
  3. epiphany

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    Zahryia - Pecola is right - you'll be fine. Most of my classmates did not have L&D experience, and are getting jobs they want. I did have a friend who went through a second interview, and then was turned down, she was told "because of her lack of L&D experience." That's a little fishy to me - that information was in her resume before they put her through all the interviews, so I suspect it's an excuse. In any case, that particular place turned out to be a place she wouldn't have wanted to work at anyway - the CNM's had no autonomy and the residents had all the say. In the end, she got a job she loved. Most people hired from the integration. In fact everyone received an offer from the place we were at clinicals, me included. Something to keep in mind when you choose your sites.
  4. epiphany

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    Most of the hospitals that I applied to work in shifts, as is the one I'm working at now. There 2 private OB's I applied to that had calls.
  5. There's research to support that less is more. Whenever I can, I only suture minimally, just to create an internal "bandage" to allow the healing to take place naturally. I have seen enough skin tags and puckering to believe the research and not to over do it. So yes, it is possible to oversew, and as one poster said - don't let them tell you it's in your head. Be prepared to get a second opinion if you have to. Do you know what degree laceration it was?
  6. epiphany

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    Just right off the bat, I don't think I would like on-calls. I would really have to learn to how relax during the day knowing someone could give birth anytime. Give me 40 solid hours of work, where the rest of my free time belongs to me. Of course if it were my own business and/or partnership, I think I would feel more protective of my clients and be willing to be at the beck and call of their labor.
  7. epiphany

    Lone RN in L&D

    What's your birth census like?
  8. epiphany

    What do you say when a patient asks you how old you are?

    "old enough to know better" is my answer to anyone asking my age.
  9. epiphany

    No jobs in OB nursing!!

    yes (just found out I need at least 5 words to post or it's "too short")
  10. Any CNM's care to comment? I was hoping to hear from both CNM's and L&D nurses, but maybe it's not realistic in this forum.
  11. The relationship between an L&D nurse and a CNM in the hospital setting is never properly and openly discussed, so what I do? Start a topic on it. :nuke: I invite anyone to start it first.
  12. epiphany

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    I should also mention that if you worked for a federally qualified site, you will get loan repayment. As far as I know it's 25K a year. Check the facts for yourselves, I didn't actually apply but my friends did. You should also peruse their site: http://nhscjobs.hrsa.gov/
  13. epiphany

    The Archaeology of Personality

    It's a brave poem. You have a talent.
  14. epiphany

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    I think the job market is tougher in general these days. Unfortunately I don't work in that area, so I don't know it specifically. I do know that there are job openings, according to the midwifejobs.com listing and there some new grads were hired in that area recently. You should peruse that site, too. When do you plan to have graduated? Things change with time, what's happening now may not be the case when you are ready for job. I expect that need for increased primary health care if the new healthcare plan gets passed, will open ways for a lot of NP's and midwives.
  15. epiphany

    Hard to stay interested in this forum once graduated

    I've said my views on this many times and ways, but the important argument is, you learn bad habits. A woman has so much more capacity than is allowed or seen in L&D, and it's hard for any human being, even a midwife, to believe in possibilities when it is consistently re-enforced upon them that the opposite is true. And there is really nothing you need to know about L&D nursing that you cannot learn on the job as a midwife, if you end up working in a hospital, which many of us do. Nobody ever suggests that doctors learn to be L&D nurses first, and they have to work just as closely with them, if not even more - ie, PIH pts, c-sections, pitocin management (which midwives may deal with on some levels, but much less). Midwifery isnt a step-up from L&D nursing anymore than an OB is.
  16. epiphany

    I Wish I Were Blind

    I think it's okay to have prejudices as long as you recognize them, accept them, and know that in the end, it is how you treat the person that counts. And I think that the very action of treating everyone equally then comes back around in full circle and helps us deal with our self-inflicted prejudices (that only we can control, not god). That way, you don't have to worry about whether a person that looks and behaves the way you don't approve of is a "good" or "bad" person. What if he's not? What if he's the same person, but not suffering from heartbreak that you can empathize with? Regardless, you are going to understand the way you react to his looks, and be OK with it, because it doesn't affect the way you perform. That's my 2 cents, maybe worth event less.