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I am just curious as to how many of us came from a dysfunctional family. When I say dysfunctional, I mean children of alcholics, drug addicts, mental illness, child abuse whether it be physical or... Read More

  1. by   Pretty in Ink
    My father is a severe alcoholic..literally starts drinking from the moment he wakes up with vodka and orange juice to downing who knows how many cartons of beer before he goes to bed. Manipulates situations to make it seem like he is in control or other people are out of control, anything to take the focus away from what he is really doing. I know it runs in my family and I am so happy I have not gone down the same path, a drink here and there with friends or at a party is ok, but you'll never see any alcohol in my house.
  2. by   santhony44
    I knew a nurse who was a psych CNS who claimed that most nurses did come from dysfunctional families. I don't know if she based this on research or it was just her opinion from having been in nursing a long time and having counseled a lot of nurses.

    I think a lot of nurses do come from dysfunctional families, but then so do a lot of non-nurses!

    What's that saying? "Normal is just a setting on your dryer?"
  3. by   jenpstudentrn
    You should check out a (long!!) thread I started a while back: Are you a nurse from a dysfunctional family?
    So similar to your questioning! It's funny how concerned I was about it back then.
    I think my experiences with my family have made me more compassionate...I've also had to watch myself closely, mostly at first during my Mental Health rotation in school- just to make sure that I was reacting to the client/ patient and THEIR needs, not mine. I wouldn't say it has been a problem per se...because I have been aware and careful of dragging my baggage into the therapeutic relationship.

    I haven't found that it is important to verbalize to the patient that you have had similar experiences. I let my empathy inform the process, but I have not ever felt it would be a good idea to get into specifics with the patient.

    I still want to go into Psych nursing (I'm a new grad as of this May! Woo hoo!)...I'm really excited about it!

    I love my family, despite all of our differences and difficulties.
  4. by   TazziRN
    Quote from TxLVNSTUDENT512
    downing who knows how many cartons of beer before he goes to bed.
    Beer comes in cartons?
  5. by   luvschoolnursing
    when you include emotional abuse in the list, I'm not sure I've ever met a family that was functional
  6. by   jaylynn67
    I agree, who doesn't come from a dysfunctional family? I think it does take a certain personality to want to become a nurse, and maybe the way we were raised does have something to do with it.
  7. by   KellieNurse06
    wow...this is very interesting.....I'd have to say yes definetly.....both my parents are mentally ill, my aunt, my uncle and their generation were people chose to "ignore" the obvious because it wasn't talked abou,but from stories about stuff my mother & aunty & uncle all did growing lord it is soooo apparent's weird because every single person practically that I know has made the comment "how in the he** did you turn out to be so normal" I actually say this to myself all the time now........and not to toot my own horn but after becoming more educated through the years I have to agree with others really astounds me!!! lol! As one other poster put it....what is normal??? We are all "nuts" so to speak in one degree or another...some are just alot more than
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  8. by   SoundofMusic
    Very much so. I was emotionally and sexually abused by a stepfather, parents were divorced, etc. It wasn't a good childhood. But, I went through a lot of therapy in my 30's and have sort of gotten a pretty good handle on it all. I have been on anti-depressants at times, and have always come through well. I sort of know when I'm starting to "tank" emotionally and know to get to the doc and either get meds or get in to talk to someone. Now those episodes are fewer and farther between.

    I think as a result, I'm wiser and very sympathetic to people and their problems. I've "been there," through a lot of things and can really relate. It's not what I would have chosen, but it's my life and I feel I can be a good example to others of how NOT to let it ruin your adulthood completely.
  9. by   kstec
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  10. by   Tweety
    Garden variety dysfunction. Dad was miliatary and distant. Mom was a depressive who attempted suicide and spent time in pysch wards, and was quick to fly of the handle. Brother was a heroin addict.

    Stuff like that.

    If you ask the general public I bet 75% of them will say they come from a dysfunctional family.
  11. by   Jessy_RN
    I bet at least half of the public does come from a dysfunctional fam. Count me in :-)
  12. by   Tweety
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    If someone reads this would you please try and merge my two threads. I obviously don't know how. Some how I ended up with two because I didn't think the first one took. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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  13. by   Murseintraining78
    Well my dysfunctional family happens to come from divorce or I should say divorces. After my parents split my dad got remarried and then my mom got remarried. Then my mom got divorced again, then my dad got divorced. Now my dad is remarried and my mom is single. That is 3 divorces that I was a child in. That was dysfunctional!!!!