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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   micro
    i am sure that others will disagree where i am at.......
    and where i am at, they didn't like take us all out for steak dinners or anything......
    but there was a lot of hoopla........and a nice pat on the back.......
    a great speaker............
    Jo Manion, RN, Phd(c), CNAA, FAAN...........
    down to earth about the realities of today's corporate health care system, but that there is still SO MUCH AND SO MUCH THAT WE AS NURSES SHOULD NEVER LET GO OF..........

    made me i had let myself get down in the dumps lately.....................

    microin out'
  2. by   momrn50
    We got a lovely red vinyl folder with some BLAH BLAH nursing statement on the front of it, inside was a legal great is that???? No pen, no money and a computer generated card signed by the administrator and DON....
  3. by   kahann
    Guess I am pretty lucky. During Nurses Week the hospital I work for does something each day for the nurses. Sunday we had sundaes, Monday, Nursing mgmt came in and relieved each nurse for a 15 min break (mine was at 3am) and served cookies. Tuesday we each got a rose and a mass was said in our honor. Weds we had dinner and a presentation on nursing. Thursday we were served high tea and Friday we will have burgers, hot dogs, and popcorn. Management does this for each shift I have also received totes, umbrellas, and fanny packs. Nurses Week has always been a treat for me!
  4. by   huckfinn
    I don't know much about Nurse Week premiums. Isn't Nurse Week part of Be Kind To Animals MONTH?
  5. by   kmp297
    The last place I worked at (for almost nine years) I can remember getting: Two mini pen lights (lasting 2 days)
    A fanny pack (I'd never wear)
    A carnation (iniciated by adm nursg)
    2 canvas carrying bags with the comp.
    logo of course.

    The only ones who seemed to appreciate
    us were two particular Docs. They bought
    all nursing staff pizza every year. The one
    Dr. used to take us out to lunch a few times
    a year. At first we had to go after work, until
    he let the administrator have it.

    The place I work now (I've only been here three weeks) gave us
    nurses. 1st day: A free meal ticket
    A carnation
    A pop of our choice

    2nd day: A gift bag each. Mine contained
    A loufa sponge and a bottle of
    scented body gel.
    3rd day: I was off. Nothing after that.
    But every day they tell us how much they appreciate what
    we do. That means alot considering we actually believe them.

    Kim, RN from OH
    (Happy I changed jobs)
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    originally posted by cen35

    kelly please tell me you are not really daffy duck in disguise?

    hey! are you pickin on me?:d
  7. by   TopazStone
    Gotta say, I was impressed. Our managers sat at lunch with us and told something that they appreciate about each and every nurse, plus the goodie bag. Wow! I do feel warm fuzzies tonight!
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  9. by   thisnurse
    i would be happy with a handwritten note on a piece of scrap paper that says...
    you are doing a great job. thank you.

    i guess thats the most expensive gift of all.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    This morning I had my first performance appraisal from our new unit manager... at 0700 after a very trying night shift. Amazingly, I was told that she sees me as a terrific nurse with many wonderful qualities, and that she truly appreciates what I bring to the job. Only slight hitch was that I sometimes speak without censoring myself. Who, ME???? So I guess Nurses' Week hasn't been a total loss this year.
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    I'll let you get away with it!

  12. by   bbnurse
    Well, I feel lucky after reading all these posts. Maybe it is just our nursing divisions' own actions, but we celebrate Nurses' Day separate from Hospital Week. HR has tried to combine the activities but have not won that battle. We have Nurse Excellence award every quarter and then have Nurse of the Year celebration on a day designated as Nurses' Day. The awards include a placque (sp?) with their name engraved, a beautiful crystal egg with engraving for the RN, LPN and Support personnel of the year, a check of $1000/each and a dozen roses. The gifts for staff are provided with money from Nursing Admin. and an equal amount from the Medical Staff. The hospital springs for a nice reception with cake and drinks on both days and nights. Nsg. Admin comes out to serve the night shifts and to deliver the gifts. The gifts vary in quality. The individual managers give small tokens of appreciation like a survival kit, chocolate( ALLWAYS needed and appreciated) other snacks or items. The charge nurses receive a special gift from Admin and their NM also give gifts or cards. The down side is the entire hospital comes to the celebration and nursing doesn't always get there. The Nsg. Adm. takes food and drinks to all the units in the hope that no one is missed. This year the entire hospital received a thank you bonus of 2% gross earnings of last year on our Nurses' Day. That was nice. I have seen Thank you notes provided to entire staff for doing the extra things for the patients and the hospital. I have given team members a thank you note. It helps to be noticed and appreciated in that manner.
    It certainly is your hospitals' choice as to when to celebrate Nursing. Our hospital week activities will include Cake, popcorn, ice cream, a luau, steak dinner and other gifts. We do feel (today) well appreciated. But treatment must include respect and loyalty and good will for the feeling to continue. And some folks never see the motive as good, no matter what the truth. I just try to do my best without assuming to know the motive. It is of no matter to me, what their motive is. What matters to me is my motive for providing my skills for my patients and coworkers.
    Have a great day.
  13. by   whipping girl in 07
    One of our day unit secretaries went out and bought us (the nurses) a meat platter, every thing we'd need to have sandwiches, cokes, chips, and pies for dessert. She bought enough so that night shift got some too, even though she rarely works with us. The hospital gave us rather nice lunch bags with the logo on them (of course). I didn't even see my manager.

    We have the greatest secretaries in the world, and we let them know it on secretaries day. And I'd think they were great without any of them doing anything extra.

    I haven't worked since Tuesday, so I don't know if my manager did anything special or not. Guess I'll hear about it when I get back, although I won't be holding my breath.

    Don't get me wrong, she's a pretty good manager, but nothing spectacular. Could be much worse.