Nurses married to law enforment officers?

  1. I'm new here and just curious....Is it me and my group of friends or are there a lot of nurses (or medical professionals) that are married/dating people in law enforcement? What is the connection there?

    I'm still taking prereqs to get into nursing school and I'm hoping to enter the program in fall 2008. My husband is a federal agent. When we met (almost 13 years ago) I worked in a pediatric office as a biller and he was in finance/mortgages. I can count at least 5 friends of ours that are nurses/Drs that are dating/married to law enforcement officers.

    Anyone else in a similar relationship?

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  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    DH is a police officer. He knew he was going into law enforcement WAY before I even thought about nursing. Most of his colleagues are either married/dating nurses or teachers. Its kinda funny how that works out but we figure it's just a certain compatability of personalities (the need to help others and make a difference, etc.) I love my policeman:heartbeat
  4. by   KellieNurse06
    My bf of 9 years is a police officer as have heard of this too......and it always has puzzled me His mom is a retired pediatric nurse too.....and she actually took care of my daughter all the time in the hospital when she was small.....and way before I ever knew my shocked me when I 1st met her because I was so not expecting used to be scared to death of her because she appears to be this stern woman who pulls no punches...and she is the sweetest most kindest woman you'd ever meet.......weird how things work out huh?
    My cousin who is a nurse was married to a lawyer for similar thing there too......
  5. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Haha, when I went to my 'User CP' and saw the start of the title of this thread 'Nurses Married to" first guess was Police Officers! I must be psychic! I know quite a few nurses who are married to cops, and cops married to nurses.
  6. by   chenoaspirit
    well, my hubby isnt a police officer, but he is a correctional officer at a prison. Does that count?
  7. by   rpv_rn
    my rn friends and i are all married to engineers!
  8. by   MT RN
    OK, here's a different twist...I was a police officer when I met me wife, an ER RN. I retired after 24 years on the force and went to nursing school myself, so we're now a 2 RN family!
  9. by   mhull
    I am an ER RN and married to a police officer. I think it is funny there is a forum about this. I see alot more nurses married to paramedics than police officers where i am from.

    Yes we did meet in the ER. LOL
  10. by   daijon_20
    I have noticed this relationship as well. I think it may be because both nurses and cops both have shift work we understand their schedule and they understand ours. so it kinda works out for both sides and it makes dating a whole lot easier.
  11. by   xenogenetic
    I agree with Daijon_20, all my relationships with girlfriends in the past who had normal 9-5 jobs were strained because of my rotating shift work schedule that sometimes forced me to work doubles. When I met my nurse girlfriend, that issue never arose because she could relate.
  12. by   JBudd
    It holds true for pastors too, when my husband was at seminary, there were tons of nurse/pastor marriages.

    Although, he was a Lutheran computer programmer when I married him, who then morphed into a Southern Baptist minister.....hmmm
  13. by   loridoo
    My husband is a correctional officer and I am an RN. I think it has to do with the shift work and with having to put up with all the crazy things you come up against in both fields that draws us together.
  14. by   LilRedRN1973
    LOL...I always wondered what the connection was between nurses and law enforcement. I am married to a Sergeant in the prison system. He was a Correctional Officer when we met and now, in addition to working at the prison, he is also a reserve deputy with the local sheriff's office. I have several co-workers who are married to law enforcement and in school, there were at least 4-5 gals who were married to officers/military/correctional officers. Odd!

    Melanie = )