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Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Nursing
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xenogenetic specializes in Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Nursing.

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  1. xenogenetic

    Starting a PLLC

    No matter if you form a PLLC, you will be sued personally. You cannot abdicate personal liability in Healthcare as a practitioner. This is why a lot of OBGYNs have their spouse hold title to all family assets. Maximum professional liability insurance is the best protection you will be able to obtain.
  2. xenogenetic

    Haloperidol Short Acting Administration Setting

    It can be administered in any setting, technically. But it's unlikely to be administered in the home unless the family is super hands on, no pun intended. Definitely regularly used in the ER, not sure on a general floor of a hospital, but definitely on the psych floor or crisis unit. Not sure if via IV in the ICU since I have never worked ICU. I know there is something called "ICU psychosis" but am not sure what they use to treat that condition.
  3. xenogenetic

    Haloperidol Short Acting Administration Setting

    Sometimes the long acting can be administered in the home by a visiting nurse. But long acting can also be given to stable patient that is about to be discharged off an inpatient psych unit, too. I have never seen a short acting admin'ed in an ambulatory clinic because they usually don't have a way to restrain patients and the short acting is generally only used for stat PRN orders for agitation.
  4. xenogenetic

    Depression Referral Centers - Ketamine

    Usually you will find some luck contacting the major academic medical center in your area.
  5. xenogenetic

    Liability Insurance-School won't share?

    By the way, I would buy your own as well since you don't know the terms of the policy. Getting your own is not that expensive....probably not more than a couple hundred dollars.
  6. xenogenetic

    New and innovative FNP jobs?

    I believe weight loss is a huge field. Having a niche, boutique, cash only weight loss (perhaps concierge) practice would be a highly profitable business, in my opinion.
  7. xenogenetic

    Independent contractor advice

    Some tax write offs phase out once you make a certain amount of $. Certain real estate write offs totally phase out once you hit $155k, for example. Be sure to you take a circumspect look at your total tax picture, or at least ask your accountant to on your behalf, and then plan accordingly.
  8. xenogenetic

    Compensation for Call Pay

    What Jules said + just remember that you have all the leverage here and don't let them lowball you. Might be too late now, but I would have couched it as I would *reluctantly* do the on-call in exchange for you getting the number you want. Also have to factor in the possibility that "interim" is a relative word...factor in the "terrorized at night" (love how you put that) possibly being a prolonged time period...or get start and end dates in writing. Nonetheless, get the rate agreed upon in writing no matter what to avoid "he said, she said."
  9. Look at how the major journals treat it and do the same. Enter the words in an journal search to get results.
  10. xenogenetic

    $29/hr--why am I still in this job!?

    Are you in an independent practice state? If yes, what does your employment agreement state about the possibility of starting your own practice on the side part-time that you could possibly transition into?
  11. xenogenetic

    When does a contract become null & void?

    Like above post stated, contact your state labor dept ASAP. Heck, I would have been on the horn after 1 week of delay in pay. You might be able to save yourself contract attorney fees if you contact labor dept first as they are bulldogs when it comes to this. If you do hire labor attny be sure to build into your suit being paid back all the fees you had to pay your attny.
  12. xenogenetic

    $29/hr--why am I still in this job!?

    Its like I tell my wife during snowstorms when I rant about why we continue to live in the northeast and not in a warmer state...they have invented planes, trains and cars, so why not consider moving?! Usually the answer is family related, as it is with us.
  13. xenogenetic

    What do NP's wear

    At the very minimum, business casual. The state psych hospital banned allowing workers to wear scrubs back in the 1970s. The only ones allowed to wear lab coats are the lab techs. The philosophy is that wearing scrubs has the potential to set off the patients. Rule of thumb in my workplace is that the mental health workers and rehab therapists can be seen wearing whatever (shorts, jeans, tube tops, etc) and if you see someone in business casual or dressed higher then they are the providers/professionals.
  14. xenogenetic

    How are you saving for retirement?

    Thanks for great, candid insight!
  15. xenogenetic

    How are you saving for retirement?

    If I may ask, which company (Ameritas, Principal, MetLife?) have you chosen for your long term disability. I'm currently shopping around. What type of riders did you choose and find as being "must haves?"
  16. xenogenetic

    NP and beyond...

    Try to join and participate in healthcare activism groups locally, statewide and nationally now and see if that fills your void. You may not need to acquire a law degree to make changes happen. Join toastmaster and develop your public speaking skills now because then you could try to reach the masses via large audiences + it would benefit you in any career (law or healthcare).