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I want everyone to know right off that this thing I am going to complain about has nothing to do with Brian and his helpers would never let a thing like this get past them. I get a... Read More

  1. by   barefootlady
    Nothing funny about this drawing, it's sick and sad. Nursing Spectrum you let nursing down. :angryfire
  2. by   nursemouse
    I've got a nursing sense of humor as "black" as the next person, but I also agree that this cartoon is offensive to our profession.
  3. by   maturner
    Come on guys, lighten up! It is a c a r t o o n ! I feel like that nurse everyday when a kid smiles at me with those trusting eyes, Right before I jab them with a needle, stick a thermometer in their rectum, or an otoscope in their ear! Lighten up, its a cartoon and as one who takes care of the little ones daily I can appreciate the irony portrayed in the cartoon.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Sorry, will not lighten up, it is sick.
  5. by   oramar
    I am positive that this cartoon originally appeared in mainstream media. If I would have encountered in under those circumstances I would have grimaced and ignored it. It totally represents the type of thing you see all the time in the media entertainment and otherwise. However, this was placed in a NURSING e-zine and that why it got under my skin. PS my task this evening is to figure out how to let these people know I don't approve.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from reddgott
    I would say most cartoonist don't moonlight as ped nurses, and this one probly doesnt have kids either. If a nurse pulled this on my kids I would want to stop here at the door, and hide 2 9mm's behind my hands and ask here "which hand?" Figuritively speeking of course (i dont even own guns).

    I don't put so much blame on the artist as I do the E-zine that decided to publish it.

    On the other hand I think I am going to faint, I finally agree with smilingblueyes on a topic. :stone What is this world coming to? :uhoh21:
    oh my lord you and kim agreeing with me in the same week? i do believe the sky is falling
  7. by   fergus51
    I thought it was funny. It wouldn't be funny if it were true, but I know it isn't. Peds nurses have to be the biggest softies in the universe.
  8. by   CherryRN
    I'm a Peds nurse and I don't think it is funny.

    One time I had a difficult, frightened child. She just started trusting me, when the social workers went in there to speak to mommy. The girl started crying. The social workers said, oh you better be good or else Cherry the nurse will come in here and give you a shot!

    CAN YOU IMAGINE? I was standing right outside the door. Well. I marched right in and said to both of them DON'T EVER SAY THAT TO ANOTHER PATIENT AGAIN. SHE HAS TO TRUST ME NOT FEAR ME! You, as professionals should know that. I was livid. They were so apologetic after that, I think I scared them. I lost a lot of respect for them after that.

  9. by   jnette
    Quote from night owl
    Yeah, that's a pretty cruel trick to play on a child. Off with their heads I say!
    Cartoon or no, it perpetuates the "mean nurse" image. I'm with nightowl...

  10. by   prmenrs
    Please tell you contacted Nursing Spectrum and let 'em have it? I hope so--they certainly deserve it!