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  1. CherryRN

    What was your secret weapon for surviving nursing school??

    I used to get up early to study. Made coffee and really got stuff done. I am better and sharper in the morning. It was easier than trying to stay up late. I made sure that I had time just for me. I worked and went to school, so it wasn't easy but it was necessary. I still read novels (not as many), and saw my boyfriend and friends (not as much, but I fit them in). Once a week I went to bed super early, just to chill out and get extra sleep. I socialized with my nursing school friends. Even if it was just lunch or a quick drink after class. We laughed, vented, etc. It was good. Those things helped me. Don't get me wrong, I was still stressed out, but it could have been worse. Cherry
  2. CherryRN

    not funny, just nasty

    I'm a Peds nurse and I don't think it is funny. One time I had a difficult, frightened child. She just started trusting me, when the social workers went in there to speak to mommy. The girl started crying. The social workers said, oh you better be good or else Cherry the nurse will come in here and give you a shot! CAN YOU IMAGINE? I was standing right outside the door. Well. I marched right in and said to both of them DON'T EVER SAY THAT TO ANOTHER PATIENT AGAIN. SHE HAS TO TRUST ME NOT FEAR ME! You, as professionals should know that. I was livid. They were so apologetic after that, I think I scared them. I lost a lot of respect for them after that. Cherry
  3. CherryRN

    Took Nclex today, got 75 questions

    I had 75 questions on the boards, and passed. best of luck to you. C.
  4. CherryRN

    I think I am going to crack up...

    I was very burned out recently and needed to make a lot of changes. I switched jobs and now I have more of a life. I set boundaries and refuse to be pulled into my family's and my inlaws crap just because I am a nurse. I got rid of toxic friends. I'm working on the other stuff lol C.
  5. CherryRN

    I think I am going to crack up...

    {{{{{{motherbaby{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Perhaps you can talk to someone and get all of these feelings off your chest. If you don't, you could get ill. What helps for me, is to write everything down on a legal pad and try to see what I can do to change the situation. Start with the easiest thing to change, this way you see a result right away. This will encourage you to tackle the other things. Make a list. When you see it all down in black and white it will be easier to deal with. Perhaps your husband can work for a while, and you can stay home. Doesn't have to be forever. Perhaps you can switch units. Perhaps you need a day a month to disappear and be on your own. Like that. Best of luck C.
  6. CherryRN

    Doctor in your next life?

    I would have went to college right out of high school. I would have become a teacher or a lawyer. No medicine at all!! N O N E C.
  7. CherryRN

    OH Yeah, I had it all together

    LOLOL!!!!!!!!!! cute story C.
  8. CherryRN

    I don't miss it

    Hi there I recently left the hospital to work in a lawfirm. I was on the train today thinking about the hospital, etc. I don't miss it one bit. At first, I thought I might. I don't miss one thing about it. My new job is very busy now and stressful. But it's okay. Even if I don't stay here forever I hope I never have to be a staff nurse again. I never realized how stressed out and ill I was until I left. I sleep soundly all night now. I breathe better. My heartrate is normal. I'm not resentful or upset all the time anymore. I can concentrate on things. I've been reading books like crazy, because I can concentrate. My hair isn't falling out as bad. I'm eating better and I see my husband more. My week has a regular rhythm to it, work, home, work, time off. etc. Nursing is bad for our health. We get so used to the dysfunction that it seems normal. And it is not. Just wanted to throw that out there. Cherry
  9. CherryRN

    Do I want to be a nurse????

    Nursing school requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. School can be difficult and you need a lot of time for classroom, clinicals, studying and assignments. So does a career in nursing. As a new nurse you will be at the bottom of the totem pole. You will work every other weekend(at the very least) and holidays. Yes, that means you have to leave your little one on Christmas and go to work. Thanksgiving too. Easter. Mother's Day. You will perform backbreaking soul wrenching tasks. You will see people at their absolute worst and best. At the end of the shift you will feel like you want to sleep for 2 days. Then you have the little one to take care of. Benefits are working three shifts a week. A good education that can take you places, tuition reimbursement. Vacation and benefits are good. You have to decide if the benefits outweigh the sacrifices. Yes, it can be rewarding, but it is not easy and not romantic. Cherry
  10. CherryRN

    dx with a lipoma today, ever have one?

    I have one on my lower back near my spine too. I discovered it at age 17. I went to the doc to check it out. He said to just watch it, and if it grew or started to hurt to come back. Then he examined the rest of me and said you have tiny ones under your skin on your arms, abdomen, etc. He then brought me into his office and showed me what a lipoma was in his book and I read about it. I think they are hereditary. My father has them too. Mine never grew, never hurt. I left it alone. Cherry
  11. CherryRN

    Happy Nurse's Week

    Happy Nurses' Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cherry
  12. CherryRN

    God Bless Each and Every One

    That was beautiful. Cherry
  13. CherryRN

    My new job...so far.

    Hi all. You might remember me....I was a staff RN and now working for a lawfirm. Well, I've been here for a little over a month, and so far it is okay. I have my own office, my own cases to work on, etc. It's very very quiet. Basically, I just do my work and they leave me alone. The only time I hear from the bosses is when they need something special. This suits my introverted personality just fine! lol I am trying to get used to sitting all day (I move around and stretch a lot!) and getting up early 5 days a week. But it is nice to have every weekend off so far. It's great that I can just leave my work and have lunch. No one has to "watch my work". I wonder if I should try to go to law school, but we'll see. Any RN attorneys out there with any advice? I do miss the patients a little bit, and miss some of the people at my old job. I've been in touch and nothing much has changed there. That's about it. The work is pretty interesting. There is hope and life after hospitals. Take care Cherry
  14. CherryRN

    Charge Nurse with patient assignment.

    I was frequently in charge with a full assignment. Usually a heavy assignment. I would literally be in tears when I got home. One day I went to work and had the worst patient assignment, they had me down as charge AND to orient a new grad. I made the night nurse change my assignment and give charge to the nurse with the one patient. Please. Cherry
  15. CherryRN

    cruise ship nursing

    I'd rather use cruises as a vacation! Too much fun to work on! Cherry
  16. CherryRN

    And how was YOUR day?

    {{{{{motherbabyrn}}}}}}}}}}} Cherry