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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm a new kid added to the board. I love reading all of your questions and replies. You guys have been helpful in alot of ways. I'll be registering for school next month to become an RN. I know I have alot of work ahead of me and would like to know your thoughts about your work. I'd REALLY like to go into forensics but no school close to me offer that field of study. So, I'm going to go for nursing, anything medical. What are your thoughts and suggestions for me?
    Thanks ahead for all your help.
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  3. by   fab4fan
    Welcome to the board!
  4. by   monkey21
    Hi, I am new to the board also... I am currently a RN nursing student and you are right, it is a lot of work, but after reading all of the stories on here, I feel that it is going to be well worth it after all the school and studying we have to do!
  5. by   P_RN
    Welcome to you both. You will learn a lot here and perhaps teach a thing or two.
    WOOT! Welcome!
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    Welcome, Welcome
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    Welcome and enjoy!

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    ,,,, welcome! luv4csi,,, monkey 21,,,, you are in the company of some wonderful ppl,,,, sit back,,,, get comfortable,,,, good luck in your goals,,,, nik~
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    Thanx for the welcomes guys!! Now for the advice from yoos...
    I would really like to become an RN and like I said I go to register next month. However, my husband is forever coming home talking about all these diseases and sicknesses that I'm going to "catch" or bring home. How can I reassure him that you can somehow be extra careful although you're around "sick" people all the time?
    Thanx again...
  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    Tell him you build up immunity....will always wash your hands..... and promise to bring nothing home.

    Caught more bugs from my kids than from work over the past 18 years!
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    Hi! Apparently forensic nursing is a new and wide open field. Good luck!
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    WElcome to you! shower before touching my family helps me keep from giving them anything. It is a rule; the kids don't touch me til i have showered thoroughly. Good luck to you!