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I work on the most inefficient unit in the country. !!! Or it's me !! Here is my question. I would like to hear how other hospitals are handling this. Forget standing orders. The doctor... Read More

  1. by   Pete495
    We have tremendous problems with the pharmacy, but I'm sure others do as well. We fax ALL patient orders to a regular line, then there is a STAT line to fax through also. However, very rarely do we not have to call them on the telephone to ask where the heck our drips or other meds are.

    I like the 3 ring binder idea. I wonder if the pharmacy uses a 3 ring binder or just lets the faxes spill out of the machine. Personally I think they just let the faxes spill out. I may mention that for quality assurance in our unit since we have so many problems.

    Anybody have a pharmacist right in the UNIT? Do things get done quicker with a pharmacist there? Is he or she utilized?
  2. by   Anniekins
    At our hospital, the Dr's enter the med orders into our computer system, and someone from pharmacy brings it and puts it in the patients drawer. It usually is up within the hour. If a med is not there, we go on the computer and press "reorder". This system works really smoothly.

  3. by   geekgolightly
    Originally posted by Noney
    We have a scanner on every unit that is networked into our pharmacy's computer. We scan all orders. We put a STAT sticker on stat's and call if it's "very stat" Pharmacy tubes us the meds. Seems to work OK most of the time.
    Same here.
  4. by   passing thru
    Thanks for all the replies. Keep 'em coming.
    I am trying to analyze the methods and see which method is the most efficient. And, also, figure out why some hospitals are still using 1970's methods.
    Doc s typing their own orders in is the best method. and then, Faxing seems the next best method.

    My hospital does neither.
  5. by   Mimi2RN
    We fax the orders to Pharmacy. And pray the meds come up to us. If they don't come in the tube in a couple of hours, then we call...usually get told "we didn't get it-send it again"...........Depends on who is down there.....
  6. by   oneLoneNurse
    We have a computerized physician order entry system.
    Pharmacy receives computer printouts on their printer of all new orders. They get card fill reports, labels etc. etc. We have had this system for a long time. I like it because once the data is in the system you can mine it. It also counts down on hand writing errors.
  7. by   altomga
    We now have a pyxis scan machine (we used to use a fax machine) our pharmacy is pretty good at getting meds to us, if there are problems we simply call them..
    we also keep a lot of meds in our pyxis med machine that we use OFTEN!!!
    The facility is currently working on a CPOE...sounds like it might take a while to get up and running though!
  8. by   prmenrs
    Pharmacy runners (probably a "tech" @ night); page pharmacist for a STAT. The place I work now doesn't even have pharm coverage @ night! I guess they use the nursing supervisor like in the bad old days.
  9. by   Flynurse
    Originally posted by stevielynn
    we are a small hospital and pharmacy is a 37 sec walk around the corner.
    WoW! If I work in the back of our hospital it almost a two mile walk, literally for me to get to the pharmacy.

    We should have a direct phone to the pharmacy, just pick up the phone and they are there (I wish), because it seems that's what 1/3 of my day. Asking pharmacy if the meds are ready....No? They didn't get the fax....AGAIN!

    I like the idea of having a regular pharmacy fax and then a stat pharmacy fax....what about having an IV pharmacy fax?

    Hmmm....I like this thread. So many possibilities!

  10. by   niteshiftnurse
    We fax the orders to the pharmacy and if its STAT, we hit the STAT button on the machine. The pharmacy enters the drug name under the patients name in the pyxis. Takes all of about 5 minutes or less. If its STAT, they tube it to us. We have a full pharmacy staff on nites
  11. by   AHarri66
    Originally posted by Anniekins
    At our hospital, the Dr's enter the med orders into our computer system,...
    They actually got MD's to enter orders?? I'm impressed!

    Question: Is this backed up by a written order, or does a computer print-out count?

    Another one: What about TO's??

    (I like this idea!)
  12. by   Anniekins
    Yes the MD's enter the orders....however.....they need to be "reminded" at times. When an order is entered, a print out prints, and is put in their chart by the secratary, who puts the red flag up. The system works very well. It is a big hospital in a big city......

  13. by   nowplayingEDRN
    We fax the orders, unless they are being d/c'd to home and then the doc puts the order in the computer. Pharmacy makes rounds every morning and at night we have the night cart. But if it is not on the night cart and we need it, we have a pharmacy tech and a pharmacist on call.