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Midwestern girl living on the East Coast....scary for the NYers!

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  1. Flynurse

    Nurse-patient Ratios

    The oncology floor I float to now and then has a nurse to patient ratio of 1:11 most of the time. Pretty poor numbers if you ask me! I feel sorry for those poor nurses because they are always trying to recruit people to work there, but no one ever stays. They don't want to work in such poor numbers. However, I do give those nurses who have stuck around a huge thumbs up because the keep a positive attitude and work well together no matter what the circumstances.
  2. Flynurse

    are you on anti-depressants?

    Doesn't chocolate, in women, release the same chemicals as having an orgasm??? Endorphines?? If so, many nurses I know, myself included, need to take some time off of work, because according to the amount of chocolate we are eating at work, our bedrooms aren't feeling the love, so to speak! LOL (P.S. This is a serious medical question and issue!)
  3. Flynurse

    what do wanna eat in Nightshift?

    Kenshi, cheesecake seems to be your favorite topic. Is it safe to assume that you LOVE cheesecake? Its my favorite treat as well. Can anyone believe that when I ate out the other night I refused an offer of cheesecake from the waitress? Someone please, take my temperature! I MUST be sick! LOL
  4. Flynurse

    New Nebraska Nurses

    I went to Southeast Community College. Graduating class of 35 people. Only three drop-outs before hand.
  5. Flynurse

    New Nebraska Nurses

    Why thank you! I am originally from Nebraska. And I finished nursing school in Lincoln before I moved to NY! I assure you most Nebraskan Nursing Student are awesome people! The compliment is much appreciated!
  6. Flynurse

    Jack Osborne Rehab....

    I couldn't agree more! If you had seen the MTV interview (I know MTV isn't what it use to be) you would have seen Jack Osbourne talk about his mother having cancer, her hospitaliztions, and that many people kept the real facts of her illness from him. (She became quite sick from what I understand.) He couldn't handle it anymore, and his alcohol and marijuana use turned into alcohol and other drug bienging. He nearly broke down crying. He had then said he was sorry for putting his family, especially his mother through all of it. Now, that isn't just a rich kid's recreation only because he didn't "fit in."
  7. Call me a geek, but I wish I had taken at least one year of Latin in college. Some things would make more sense. When did they stop making it a requirement in USA high schools? I know my mom had to take it when she was in grammar school (Catholic - what else?).
  8. Just like colleen, I never quiet grasped the concept until I truly understood the meaning of what those little letters really meant. That doesn't mean I blurt out...hora somni when I see H.S. It just means more to me knowing its not just some letters but actually stands for something in latin that can be translated into english. This site is interesting to use. Be sure when you enter the abbreviation you look for the meaning that has the latin translation. For example: QHS = Quaque Hora Somni (Latin: Every Bedtime) http://www.acronymfinder.com/ The site tends to give you ALL meanings of an abbreviation that don't quiet pertain to the medical field. Have Fun!
  9. WoW! If I work in the back of our hospital it almost a two mile walk, literally for me to get to the pharmacy. We should have a direct phone to the pharmacy, just pick up the phone and they are there (I wish), because it seems that's what 1/3 of my day. Asking pharmacy if the meds are ready....No? They didn't get the fax....AGAIN! I like the idea of having a regular pharmacy fax and then a stat pharmacy fax....what about having an IV pharmacy fax? Hmmm....I like this thread. So many possibilities!
  10. Flynurse

    Calling MD's per patient request!!

    I tend to say its not something that I can just call the doctor for RIGHT NOW. I tell them, "I'll leave a note", if its something that can wait for the next time the doctor makes rounds. Then, though its annoying for me, I'll write the note in front of the family (usually on half of a 3x5 card with a hole punched in it - I keep tons of these in my geeky pen holder) and slip it on one of the chart's rings. Ta! Da! They don't bother me anymore. If that's not good enough I direct them to the Unit Clerk who can give out the Doctor's number or the Nurse Manager who will tell them to go stuff it! J/K!
  11. We fax all medication orders to pharmacy. And then copy the order and put it in the 3ring binder with the MARs. If a medication is left off of the MAR in the AM we copy the copy and put a Pharmacy communication sticker noting the problem. If its a STAT medication we keep bugging the pharmacy until we get the med. However, we have to walk all the way to the pharmacy to get most medications, unless it was filled before AM delivery time. I would like to see this system become more efficient, but I don't see that happening soon as we just started a new computer system. I would especially would like to see a better system for STAT medications or meds that are needed now for the patient who is vomiting their brains out, etc. You know what I mean! I think it would be benificial to have a good faxing system where you have one pharmicist placing orders in the computer for a specific floor or area. And also to have those vaccum tube systems (like the ones you see at banks) where a med could be sent to the unit ASAP. Oh all of the ideas I have... I should write a thesis. LOL!
  12. Flynurse

    are you on anti-depressants?

    Same here cyberkat. Except I am on meds now, but working to get off.
  13. Flynurse

    youguysarestupid.com....A good cause!

    Hello, me again to update a little. They have made it to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Today, (or was it yesterday?) they were the topic of a column in the the Chicago Sun Times. Hits on the Guestbook were three fold today. A fourth member, and friend from Chicago, has joined the group of 20-somethings. And their journey continues......
  14. Flynurse

    "Designer Bags"

    Why do women visitors insist on leavine their "designer" bags or leather bags on the sink in a patient's room? Or under the paper towel dispenser? Or under the soap dispenser? Where it can get WET! Its not my bag lady! I am under no obligation to move or even touch your purse. You are a grown woman, move the darn thing yourself! Why would you buy a purse worth hundreds of dollars only to bring it to a hospital and put it one a germ infested sink or bedside table? Why do they have the nerve to say something under their breath as I leave the room? "WAAAAHHHIE?!?!? WAAAAHHHIE?!?!?" -Nancy Kerrigan :chuckle :chuckle
  15. Flynurse

    youguysarestupid.com....A good cause!

    Well, these guys have officially made it out of Illinois and have reached Iowa! Backpacking across the USA! Check out the updated journals and photos! Oh, BTW, HoJo, if you click on the Contribute page and scroll down you will find what you are looking for...the link to ACS.
  16. Flynurse

    do you write on yourself?

    I keep a copy of my report sheet in my pocket for emergencies like this! I am known around the various units I go to as the "Neat Nurse." I bet my fiance wished I was that neat at home!