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Recently at work a son of one of my patients has really taken the cake. He arrived to visit mom while I was finishing my assessment & medicating her for pain, and waited outside the room while I was... Read More

  1. by   meluhn
    Quote from herecomestrouble
    Where to start,one time we had a Dr overhead page"will the family of the pt in room 123 bed A come to the room IMMEDIATELY".She had walked in the room to check her pt and found her asleep with an infant in her arms almost dropping the baby on the floor.It seems the pt's daughter came in to visit Granny bringing her newborn(week old)baby and a 2 year old,left the baby with Granny-on a vent barely awake-to baby sit while she took the 2 year old to the cafeteria for lunch.Doc blessed her out for that and even being out 1 week after having a c-section.

    another time,another family in to visit Dad,with a baby in a stroller,baby is pulling old vent tubing out of the red trash can and playing with it.Family couldn't understand why we got all bent out of shape about it.
    All I can say is UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.
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    Quote from leslie :-D

    requesting the removal of the foley, fits in how?
    maybe to use as a tourniquet for iv drugs??


    Because he must have been on crack to think that was a reasonable request.
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    Quote from MsAsia322
    so im new in nursing school starting this fall but we had to take a basic nursing course this summer. i was doing a clinical in the MICU and there were 2 patients to a room. one was a very old lady with respiratory/heart problems in Bed 1 and i dont know what the condition of the Bed 2 patient was. anyway, Bed 2 had visitors - one of which was a small child in a stroller. and the child was sounding OFF! so much so that the little old lady on the other side of the curtain went into respiratory distress and there was a mad rush of nurses and doctors. the old lady clearly said something like "its the child. i cant take all the yelling and screaming. please, i cant take it .. "
    so after the visitors were allowed to come back in, the nurse told them about the noisy child and how it was causing distress to the next patient. and guess what?? they brought the child back in anyway! poor little old lady hooked up to the oxygen and rebreathers .. the only reason why the nurse let the visitors stay was because they only had 5 more minutes before visiting hrs were over .. (shaking my head)

    I thought little kids were not allowed on ICUs? I wish they weredn't allowed in hospitals at all.
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    well it was the MICU, nonetheless still an ICU .. and he was annoying! crying and all that ...
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    When I was working as a CNA I had a resident's family member walk in to the room of another resident that I was bathing at the time, to tell me that her father wanted to be turned on his other side..right that moment . Yes I had the door closed and the curtain drawn...but she walked in anyway, even had the nerve to open the curtain to peep through.
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    Quote from ruby vee
    wonder what he wanted to do for that half hour?!
    well, the first 2 minutes are self-explanatory. the other 28 are a toss-up.
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    Quote from meluhn
    I wish they weredn't allowed in hospitals at all.
    That'd be terrible
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    Quote from meluhn
    All I can say is UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.
    yes! and these people are breeding......SCARY!!!!
  9. by   southernbeegirl
    I have a patient that lives with her granddaughter. pt fell and broke hip and is in for rehab. the granddaughter has been raising immortal heck saying we arent rehabing her like we should.

    come to find out, she wants grandma to hurry up and get home because grandma babysits the 1 yr old, the 3 yr old and the 5 yr old every day while she works.
  10. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from DA314
    I was working teh pm shift on a monitored epilepsy unit when a code was called on an adjacent hall at about 2 am. When the code is called, an alarm goes off and continues to go off over the loudspeaker until the code is cancelled. I had to stay at the nurses's station and watch the monitors while everyone else atteneded to the code.

    A Pt.'s family member came up to the desk to demand that I turn off the code alarm because they couldn't sleep!

    I simply told them that when the pt. started breathing again, we would turn off the alarm and they could get some rest. That pt. ended up coding for about 30 mins and then passed away.
    It is not really necessary to keep an alarm going during the entire code, is it? Why do they keep it on for such a very long time? Somebody could seize from the repitition. (Is that spelled right?)
  11. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from commanderzoom
    i work in ltc and have to deal with some real crazy *** family members from time to time.

    one woman comes in and spends all freaking day long with her husband, who has cancer and isn't all there mentally anymore. she's up our butts constantly with stupid demands. she expects us to drop everything and lay him down or get him up when she wants, even if it goes against his wishes. a few weeks ago she demanded i stop feeding on the hall and put him to bed because he was "tired". i don't think so. feeding people is more important than forcing a wide awake man into bed. she's also been caught following nurses and cnas into patient rooms to demand things for her husband. i've personally had her follow me into two rooms--both times i was toileting people! ***??? what did you do when she violated privacy like that? have you or anyone else had a heart to heart talk with her, set some boundaries? people get crazy when their worlds are falling apart and some manifest it in trying to control things they can control, trying to protect their loved ones as they think best. but they need to be talked to, given a chance to be open with their feelings, learn their limits.

    we have another dude who let his wife od on lithium and is demanding we get her "back in shape" immediately so he can take her home. he wants her home because he needs knee surgery and wants her to take care of him. omg. he's another one that will demand we stop feeding on the hall to "take her to the potty because she has to go right now, not tomorrow, not next week, now!". she can walk again and take herself to the bathroom and does exactly that when he's not around. he also likes to steal food and beer out of the activities room refrigerator (the residents can have beer if they want) and routinely steals food out of the staff refrigerator. he follows us outside on smoke breaks and goes on and on and on about the most inane crap and we have to smile and take it. can't even get a freaking break from him. i hate him.

    most of the family members that come in are very nice but the nightmare ones are just that. it's like there's no middle ground with these people.
    i love your honesty about your feelings for him, lol. how did he "let" her od? see above in red.
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    Quote from Vito Andolini
    Somebody could seize from the repitition. (Is that spelled right?)