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  1. Commanderzoom

    What are part-time schedules usually like?

    My job let's me pretty much work whenever I want as long I work every other weekend and inform them of needing a schedule change ahead of time. I mean, I can't just call out for the heck of it but say I want to work Mon, Wed, and Fri + my weekend then I have to tell them a week or two in advance. I do have to work the full 8 hour shift on the days I'm scheduled for. If I wanted to, I could just work 12s or 16s every weekend and take the weekdays off. I might do that if I get into LPN school in the fall.
  2. Commanderzoom

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    I work in LTC and some of the residents push the call button for the strangest things. Last year I had a real PITA who was CONSTANTLY on her light. Most of the time she pushing it just for the hell of it . After awhile, she started demanding that I find her artifical big dog. I couldn't figure out what in the world she was talking about. Turns out she wanted the stuffed dog back that she stole from her roomate. God, I miss her. She died last summer. The other day a guy called me into his room wanting me to score him some weed :chuckle. Right, like I'm going to do that.
  3. Commanderzoom

    Professors who grade based on 'looks'

    If that actually worked, I'd make more of an effort with my appearance at school.
  4. Commanderzoom

    Rolla vs. Washington

    I've been planning on going straight into the RN program at ECC and am in my last year of pre-reqs (I go part-time) but I don't think I can afford to survive off my CNA salary until I finish the program. I'm looking into going to LPN school next fall instead, then doing a bridge program while I work. Does anyone have experience with either the Rolla or the Washington LPN programs? I know people who have attended both but would like to hear about other experiences. I hear the best things about Washington but don't generally hear bad things about Rolla. Both are about an equal distance from me.
  5. Commanderzoom

    CPR on a person who is in rigor mortis?

    I wanted to add that I've seen the horrifying effects of CPR on a person when there's no hope. I was at work (LTC) when the nurses had to perform it on a woman who was already dead but was a full code. They did it to cover their butts. This poor little old lady was in her late 90s, skinny as a rail, and was in "good" health but died suddenly. I could hear the ribs breaking and I was out in the hallway. Her entire chest caved in. It's something that will probably haunt me forever. Did it hurt her? Nah, she was already gone. It traumatized her family and it messed with all of our heads.
  6. Commanderzoom

    CPR on a person who is in rigor mortis?

    LOL, I didn't take it personally. I don't even eat at McDonald's unless I'm desperate, away from home, and extremely low on cash. The food makes me physically ill for some reason and has since my second pregnancy. I was pointing out that in that situation, the woman wasn't sue happy. McDonald's had already been sited for keeping their coffee way too hot and she suffered, what, 3rd or 4th degree burns? I'd at least expect them to pay for the medical bills. We're going to sue the neurosurgeon who ***** up DH's nerve stimulator implant--he implanted it incorrectly and has all the electrodes wired to one nerve instead of multiple nerves so it would cover his entire back and upper legs like it's supposed to. He has it so screwed up that the electrodes are touching and shorting out, so the manufacturer had to deactivate it. He's lucky it didn't kill him. You want to know why he has the nerve stimulator in the first place? It all started with a herniated disk that needed to be replaced because it was pinching a nerve and progressed from there. The neurosurgeon told him (it's even in the medical files) that he was going to replace the disk but instead shaved it. He didn't shave it enough and the nerve damage became more severe. Without yet another surgery in the near future, my husband is going to be paralyzed. All he needed was to have the disk replaced and instead, he's 25 years old, permanently disabled, going paralyzed, and has a hunk of metal in his back that he can't even use. At first we thought we were going overboard with the lawsuit but the manufacturer of the nerve stimulator and the neurosurgeons he's seen for second and third opinions agree with us. Sometimes people need to be sued when they cause permanent damage to a person. Sorry for the book. I tend to get upset about "frivolous lawsuits" that really aren't. If someone sues because a nurse doesn't perfom CPR on a body that's already in Rigor Mortis, that's frivolous. If some sues because they've received a permanent injury from something beyond their control, that's not frivolous.
  7. Commanderzoom

    CPR on a person who is in rigor mortis?

    Oh please. McDonald's should not have served a cup of coffee that was capable of scalding a person. They were found guilty of having their machines turned up way too high. She had every right to sue and win. OP, if you were told to perform CPR then you did the right thing. Obviously there was no point but you have to do what you have to do.
  8. Commanderzoom

    Doctor Reprimanded for Calling Patient Fat

    Thanks. A lot of people don't seem to "get" that PCOS can cause weight gain and that the PCOS weight gain is hard to budge. I'm a CNA in LTC so I have a very active job. I try to exercise when I can, but it's hard to find time lately now that I'm back in school. I take Metformin and it helps with the carb cravings (is that what it's supposed to do?) and I've lost a little bit of weight since going on it.
  9. Commanderzoom

    No Nicotine!

    What a freaking waste of money on the hospital's part. Hair analysis isn't cheap. Why ban something that isn't illegal?
  10. Commanderzoom

    Hospital vs. Nursing Home

    Man, I wish I only had 12 ambulatory patients. That would be nice.
  11. I would and I have. When I was considering law school, it wasn't for the money. It was because I wanted to help people and planned on working for a non-profit like Legal Aid. I don't think that people in helping professions (and yes, I do consider a lawyer to be in a helping profession) should go into their line of work just for the money.
  12. Commanderzoom

    Hospital vs. Nursing Home

    LOL, I don't know where you worked but CNAs in LTC typically have MORE work and a FASTER pace than CNAs in a hospital setting. I have 14-18, sometimes up to 24 residents to myself on any given day and most of them aren't able to do much of anything for themselves. I wouldn't work in a hospital. I prefer to take care of the same people each day and I like the faster pace.
  13. Commanderzoom

    Why didn't I know this?

    I'm scratching my head over here wondering how you could have possibly not known to put the PT on isolation precautions immediately. I'm not even a nurse yet and I know to do that. Oh well, live and learn. It sounds like you learned from your mistake and won't be making it again.
  14. Commanderzoom

    Have you been assulted as a nurse?

    I'm a CNA in LTC and am assaulted at least once/week. Sometimes it's physcial, sometimes it's verbal. One of the Alzheimers patients attacked me so badly it looked like Freddy Krueger had gotten ahold of me. Nothing was done because "she didn't know what she was doing". I don't think it should matter. I shouldn't have to just take it when someone gropes me, punches me, scratches me, bites me, etc.
  15. Commanderzoom

    Doctor Reprimanded for Calling Patient Fat

    I'm fat and not even remotely offended by people pointing that out to me. Being morbidly obese is not healthy. Sure, I get around better than some of my thinner counterparts but I'm still at a higher risk for weight related diseases. My weight is not entirely my fault and is at least half due to medical issues beyond my control, but the truth is, I eat too much, don't get enough exercise, and eat too many of the wrong foods. It's extremely difficult for me to lose weight with my health problems but I can't bury my head in the sand and act like everything's fine when it isn't. I'm attractive even at my current weight, my blood pressure and blood work look good (except for my hypothyroid and PCOS that caused most of the weight gain) but that doesn't mean that I'm healthy. I may be healthier than some people, but excess weight is never healthy. My doctor used to tip-toe around the issue until I flat out said something like, "Look, I know I'm fat. I own a scale and a mirror. Just be honest with me about what I can do about it." Ever since then, he's been open and has been trying to help me lose the weight. If I'd never said anything, I wouldn't be getting help. Doctors don't want to offend their patients so they try to be all PC and I see that as detrimental to the patient's health and to the patient/doctor relationship. I don't want a doctor who acts like everything is fine with me when it isn't, I want a doctor who tells me the truth.