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MsAsia322 is a MSN, APN, NP and specializes in FNP-BC, RNC-OB.


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  1. MsAsia322

    NJ board of nursing

    Just wanted to see if you have gotten your license as of yet? I recently sent in my APN application and the processing time is very discouraging. A friend of mine said hers took 3 months while another friend said hers took 6 months! This is unreal.
  2. MsAsia322

    Anyone here start in OB as new grad?

    You will be fine! I'm also a recent new grad, kinda. I graduated June 2011 but since I had a baby, I wasnt able to jump right into working. I wanted to stay home with the baby or awhile. And after 6 months and about 400 applications, I just got a job as an L&D nurse too! I'd say be confident and always ask questions. You want to make sure you maximize your learning experience in your orientation. Youre not going to suck especially if youre doing something you sincerely love! Good luck to the both of us :)
  3. MsAsia322

    Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    Congrats to all those entering MHSON this summer/fall! I just graduated June 15th and I can tell you that I've had the best experience. Even though your faculty will be different from mine (due to all the changes over the past year), I'm confident that you all will still get the same quality education and clinical experience! I see LovelyMo has helped a lot of you guys with her posts. I haven't been on the site for QUITE some time lol, but I was doing some research and happen to see this discussion going...
  4. MsAsia322

    Muslim Nurses Administering Haram Medications

    hmmm, i never thought about this.. i just started school and i think when i was looking up a drug i saw it had pork ingredients or something like that, but i didnt think twice about it. maybe i should now. i would just say make dua (pray on it) because i would think that it would be almost near impossible to look up all the ingredients that youre giving to EACH patient for EACH drug.
  5. MsAsia322

    Clinicals at Overlook!

    wow. they sure didnt tell u anything about pkng! well u have to park at an offsite lot thats off of springfield ave. go to the far left of the lot and when u park, the attendant will give u a parking tag as well as a $5 voucher that u can use in the cafeteria. there is a shuttle that comes and picks you up and takes you to the hospital. OR you can park in the visitor lot and pay like $8. its closer, but id rather the free lot and free $5 for food =) Ask your instructor about this offsite parking right away ..
  6. MsAsia322

    My Father Died Today

    ironically, today is the 9 year anniversary of my own father's death .. my heart goes out to you during this difficult time ...
  7. MsAsia322

    How to count respiration?

    i think it just comes along with practice. only one time have i asked if i can place my hand across a patient's chest and she was fine with it. it didnt seem to affect the resps but i probly wouldnt do it again. zebolt - what u said was a good idea and i'd try that as well! thanks -
  8. MsAsia322

    Laptops and Nursing classes

    right - i do type way faster than i write. and i can shorthand on my laptop as well and then go back and correct my errors and make complete sentences.. i dare not try to do that on notebook paper lol .. when i try and write fast, i can barely understand my own writing. also when im studying on my own, i take notes on my laptop and it makes it much easier to add in things when im taking notes in class... such a huge help! too bad my class is on the bottom floor and i dont get the internet.. but im kind of glad, caz then i'd be on facebook all day lol
  9. MsAsia322

    Study Dilemma

    thats cool if it works for you. but for me, i cant study in open places becaz its hard for me to concentrate. i just cant seem to block out noise... unless i get some ear plugs or something. im just that kind of person that has to look up if someone walks past lol
  10. MsAsia322

    Late Nite Studying

    im a late-nite studier as well! after about 11p is when i start to shut everything down in the house .. usually ppl are sleep by that time anyway - so everything is quiet anyway. i just close my room door and get to work! if i have a lot of material or even if i just wana make sure i got the info down packed, i study til about 2am .. then go to sleep to get up for work @ 8am :zzzzz .. ppl always ask me how i do it, but i dont know, ive been doing it for so long now that 4 hrs of sleep is normal lol ..
  11. MsAsia322

    I got a clincal RN job!

    congrats! so lucky to have been back to work so quick, must've just felt like a vacation
  12. MsAsia322

    Laptops and Nursing classes

    LOL shannon77 --- i kno what u mean. ironically, i use my laptop during class. but im not a hard typer at all .. u can barely hear me. but there IS a woman in my class that sits all the way on the opposite side of the class, and one day i had to look up and look across the room to see who was typing so hard! u know the way ppl type when they want u to think theyre doing something? lol .. i was like omg i can hear her across the room. and anytime, i even THINK someone can hear me tpying i look around and try to do it quieter ..
  13. MsAsia322

    Study Dilemma

    studying @ nite when the house has quieted down is best for me. i turn everything off and close my room door. so its just me and the books lol .. i dont know if youre a night owl but i study best after abt 11p =)
  14. orientation is more like an introduction to the programs and courses that you will have. i think its good to have orientation because you definitely dont want to come into school/class and not know what the heck is going on .. lol. my orientation was one day, but the next day i knew where to go/what to do/etc as well as have a general idea of how the semester will run. we did have sort of an intro to one of the courses, which was okay ..
  15. MsAsia322

    Clinicals at Overlook!

    yes michelle this site is great! any question i ever have, i come here for the answer first LOL .. even before i applied to nursing school i got tips, and dos & donts from this site just by reading other posts .. im on it like everyday! =) and it certainly makes me feel a lot more comfortable and a lot less anxious about nursing school ..
  16. MsAsia322

    Are You Volunteering For You or Just For Show?

    lightsnoise - i agree.... when i was "volunteering", they had me sitting at the desk helping out the unit clerk with paperwork... oh yea and i answered the phone - whoopdy doo. everynow and then i got a chance to ask some questions that the nurse seemed to not wana answer. the only "staff" to really pay me any attention and knew why i was there were the LPNs. they were really nice and even showed me a few charts.