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  1. justiceforjoy

    Should student nurses be required to get the H1N1 vaccine

    ^ Because people are under the false impression that this vaccine is brand spankin' new.
  2. justiceforjoy

    Greys Anatomy episode 10-29-09

    ^ And doctors are horny buggers with severe emotional issues and mommy/daddy problems.
  3. justiceforjoy

    When A Nurse Can't Offer a Hug...

    Anti-hug'er spotted! ... Can I hug you?
  4. justiceforjoy

    Blanket warmers

    Judging from the responses, you might want to clarify if you mean a warming cupboard or an electric blanket.
  5. justiceforjoy

    Correct way to give IM injections?

    I think we an all agree that they have to be darted in. The "slow" they're referring to is the injection rate of the medication, not the speed at which the needle goes in.
  6. Thanks! I appreciate that information.
  7. I thought the flu (all flues) were droplet, not respiratory? Mask with eye shield, not n95.
  8. justiceforjoy

    Anyone here bulk up to become a better nurse?

    I lift weights and run as often as I can in the week. When I don't have access to the gym, I use the P90x system... I just get bored of it pretty quick. Starting strength is AWESOME!
  9. justiceforjoy

    Correct way to give IM injections?

    I was taught 10 seconds per mL and two hands for stabilizing. Also, always landmark. I see them on TV not land marking properly and it makes me cringe!
  10. justiceforjoy

    Colleges spitting out new nurse without any training?

    It's the Internet -- no one cares.
  11. justiceforjoy

    No nursing jobs in 2012 ???

    LPNs start at around $23.50/hr here in BC, Canada with benefits. I forget what the RN starting wage is, but the max is $40.00/hour with benefits. LPNs got fully screwed over a few years back when our "union" (HEU) decided to cut wages by 12% (I think it was 12%).
  12. justiceforjoy


    ^ wouldn't it be something else if it was actually hers: the paper and the meds. But she had just completely forgotten about them? haha
  13. justiceforjoy

    Do you actually wear gloves/gowns/masks ?

    I would absolutely refuse to work with patients with precautions if my workplace didn't appropriately supply me with protective gear. That's just unacceptable. To whomever was asking about shoes: Mine stay in my car. They have their own spot -- they don't touch anything outside of that specific spot in my car. They've never seen the inside of my house. I saw poor precautions being used as well. Droplet precautions = hat, booties, mask with a shield, gown, and gloves. Most often, I only see people using a mask with a gown and gloves. I always feel like a snob when I gown up appropriately, lol I have a small kid at home, too, so there's no chance in heck I'm risking her contracting some infection because of poor work ethics. I also keep in mind that AROs respond well to hand sanitizer, C.Diff does not. So I always sanitize my hands after removing the gear, then wash my hands as soon as I can get to a sink.
  14. justiceforjoy

    My pt accused my coworker of taking her Percocets! (long)

    I wouldn't find it insulting unless I was guilty. I think a few of you are far too judgmental towards drug addicts and need to take a step back. A few of you could also re-educate yourselves about narcotics and pain management. You can't just pick a side here. You just can't. You were not there. You do not know the nurse's history. You do not know the patient. You don't know anything. Picking sides based on a he said she said story just screams bad judgment.
  15. justiceforjoy

    Gloves and injections

    Gloves. Universal precautions just like the above poster said. I use hand sanitizer before I come into a room and after I leave the room - then try to find the nearest sink to wash my hands in. MRSA hates sanitizers and C.Diff hates soap and water, (for examples) so I try to do both whenever possible. Wash, dry, sanitize. Or Sanitize, dry, wash, dry
  16. justiceforjoy

    3pm-11pm or 11pm-7am? Which one??? HELP

    I prefer 11 PM - 7 AM myself. Only because I never see my daughter during the other shift and it breaks my heart. 11 PM - 7 AM includes hourly rounds where I am. Changing over the MARs, main cupboard and cart counts, patient personal care as needed, resettling patients, etc. Depending on the patient load, a good book and lots of coffee :) 3 PM - 11 PM includes prepping for dinner, prepping for bed, helping everyone into bed, settling them in for the night, cart counts depending on the floor, and prn pt personal care, etc.