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So, I decided to start the thread as Strider suggested. Great idea :up:;) for us awardees to start talking. I have read that the way we get further taxed is that this now becomes a part of our... Read More

  1. by   PICURN20
    I got another deposit today too! I remember reading something on a thread from a previous year about how October is the end of the fiscal year so they give two deposits in September and do not give a deposit in October. Not sure if this is correct, though.
  2. by   KeeKeeRN-NY
    I agree with Tess and Picurn, I got another deposit today too but I dont think we're getting one next month so we should prolly hold onto this deposit for next month's payment
  3. by   erchick85
    Anyone know of anyone who transferred facilities? They said it will take 4-6 weeks! I have a tentative start date in November. I hope they give an answer closer to the 4 week period.
  4. by   kmyRN
    Hey guys,

    I didn't get a deposit yet this month. I received in on September 26th last month, but I didn't get it today, Oct. 27th. I'm worried because it's late. Are we receiving a deposit this month? Is anyone else's late?

  5. by   Liz, RN
    Kim, they did 2 deposits last month. (if u were in the later group you got one deposit for double the promised repayment amount). We believe that this is because the fiscal year ended.
    Hope this helps
  6. by   angelgirl1626
    I am a NELRP awardee but did not recieve my $$ this month. Today is 11/1 and my last payment was 09/29. Anyone else experience this? Should I just call the help line?
  7. by   Liz, RN
    The first deposit you received was double the repayment amount promised correct? As mentioned previously; this was your deposit for sept and oct as the fiscal year ended and this impacted the deposits. You can call the help desk for clarification if u need, but they will let u know that they gave double deposits to all recipients in September. Hopefully you saved what u needed to accordingly!
    Hope this helps!
  8. by   tessRN86
    Has anyone done anything to account for state and local taxes since those aren't automatically taken out?
  9. by   shortsuzy87
    Hey all! Long time no chat! Question- Does anyone know if the whole NELRP thing will help us get some nice taxes back or hurt us? It could go either way right? Because I believe the whole amt is counted as income, but then again they tax the HELL out of it (as we all know since the 60% turns into less than half, lol). Any thoughts or experiences yet?

    This program is so amazing. I almost wee myself every time I get a deposit. It doesn't get old huh?
  10. by   strider76
    Has anyone received tax information? I know I need to report it as incoming, and Im thinking we may even get some of the taxes back......but I havent received that information from HRSA yet. Anyone receive anything in mail or can tell me where to get it?

  11. by   shortsuzy87

    I've spoken with HRSA regarding this. The W2s were sent out in mass on 01/31/12, so they should be arriving soon. The government sure does take it's time! Can't complain though!

    Hope this helped.
  12. by   sallyp911
    Sorry, I couldn't read the entire thread here, but congrats to everyone that got their awards!! I have a question that I wanted to ask on behalf of my friend...does the NELRP take their Parent's PLUS loan balances into consideration?
  13. by   tessRN86
    Sallyp911, I'm pretty sure Parent Plus loans do not count. :-/

    I think I'm planning on having my taxes professionally done... but I couldn't resist doing them myself online to see how it turned out. My federal refund wasn't hurt, but I ended up owing Missouri state taxes... not much, but I imagine it will be a bit more next year when it's a full year. I can't decide if I want my federal return to cover it next year, or if I want to makes some extra payments throughout the year. Next year will also be different situation since I will have to file married, so I'm not sure how that will work either!

    Any ideas? What are you guys doing?