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I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   givingheart
    YAH!!!! I got the e-mail today too!!!
  2. by   TransplantRN3
    i got these forms emailed to me today, too! i initially received a phone call verifying pay-off of one of my loans back in early june... but then hadn't heard anything since then. sounds like people are getting these emails at different times, so keep your fingers crossed and good luck everyone! i hope we ALL get it
  3. by   roxynyc
    Just wondering if those of you who received the email with the contract forms can tell me what the title of the email was...I have gmail, and emails from random addresses tend to get sent to SPAM. I usually delete all SPAM emails right away without looking at them. Did this email come to your inbox...and does anyone who got the email have gmail?? I hope I didn't accidentally delete it if it came! Also, I noticed that HHS checked into my credit report.... hope this is a good sign, or do they do this for everyone?
  4. by   TransplantRN3
    roxy-- the email has the subject "your nursing education loan repayment application." i don't have gmail, so i am not sure about that, but i hope it doesn't/didn't get deleted in your spam! good luck!
  5. by   ACCB
    I have g-mail and the email wasn't sent to my spam but it may depend on what filters you have.
  6. by   kt6onc
    I got a phone call today from NELRP asking me to sign the contracts and fax them back by 5 pm tomrrow, but I had never received the email in the first place! I called back and they had the wrong email address for me. She corrected it and I received the email in about an hour. I have gmail too and it didn't go to spam for me. Apparently I should have received this email a long time ago, judging by when everyone else received it!! Thank God they called to verify!! fingers crossed!
  7. by   rn1233
    For those who received the email to fax the contracts, just curious...what were you student loan debt to income ratios and what type of hospital/employment?
  8. by   kt6onc
    i work at a DSH in New England, and my ratio is about 160%
  9. by   traumaNP
    So I got a phone call today from the NELRP people saying that they had emailed me the contracts last week-- turns out they had the wrong email address for me! I have no idea how that happened, but if you haven't gotten an email you may get a phone call!
    I work in MA at a DSH, my ratio is 186%, I have 139,000 dollars in debt.
    Best of luck to you all!
  10. by   hataway94
    Working at a DSH in Fort Worth, Texas. Ratio is about 167%
  11. by   hataway94
    someone please tell me i read today's article wrong! i thought obama gave more money to nelrp. read this article and let me know what you think. this was dated 8/12 and on the website. please post what you think.

    hhs announces $13.4 million in financial assistance to support nurses

    hhs deputy secretary bill corr today announced the release of $13.4 million for loan repayments to nurses who agree to practice in facilities with critical shortages and for schools of nursing to provide loans to students who will become nurse faculty. the funds were made available by the american recovery and reinvestment act (arra), signed feb. 17, 2009, by president obama.
    "the need for more nurses is great. over the next decade, nurse retirements and an aging u.s. population, among other factors, will create the need for hundreds of thousands of new nurses," deputy secretary corr said. "the awards from these two hrsa programs will help us meet projected demand for their services."
    the awards come from two programs administered by hhs' health resources and services administration (hrsa): the nurse education loan repayment program and the nurse faculty loan program.
    • funding announced today under the nurse education loan repayment program (nelrp) totals $8.1 million. those funds, awarded competitively, will help 100 registered nurses pay their nursing education debts. the program repays 60 percent of the loan balance of registered nurses in exchange for two years of service at facilities with a critical shortage of nurses. (for a list of facilities employing the first 100 nelrp award winners from arra funds, go to participants may be eligible to work a third year and receive additional repayment assistance.
    **doesn't it sound like only 100 nurses will get it this year? 8 million is a lot less than previous years. how can this be a good thing? i checked out the above website listing the 100 facilities that will get the award. our hospital isn't even listed!! i am so worried. i just looked it up and over 200 nurses got it last year.

    what do ya'll think??
  12. by   rachel_51207
    Yeah. I am a little confused by the article...HOWEVER, my hospital is listed as one of the recipients in the list! I hope this is a good sign. Anyone else potentially in the list?!
  13. by   oneLcrna
    This is scaring the heck out of me.... One glimmer of hope: The website lists the FIRST 100 hospitals....which implies there will be more to come...