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  1. TransplantRN3

    online F.N.P. programs??

    I completed the FNP program through Indiana State University, and found the staff/faculty to be very supportive. I live in Maryland and had no troubles with licensing here. Be sure to check your state BON... Maryland's BON lists every accredited program they accept (online or not). From what I have learned from talking with friends at several different programs, even when schools "say" they will help find clinical sites, it is often left up to the students. Areas are saturated and there just aren't enough preceptors to fill all needs. Be sure to start the process of locating preceptors early on. Good luck!
  2. TransplantRN3

    Collaborative MD agreement and fees

    Wow, that's suprising. Is this someone that you would be working with in the same practice? Or are you planning to work independently and need to find a collaborating MD? At my current job, we are not charged to have a collaborating MD sign an agreement (this is retail health though so I know the MD is compensated by the company). The few other interviews I went to I was told that a MD from the practice would sign the agreement at no cost...
  3. TransplantRN3

    ANCC vs AANP?

    Both exams lead to NP certification, and most employers do not have a preference which exam you take. Margaret Fitzgerald has a powerpoint presentation that helps clear up the difference/similarities between the two exams: http://fhea.com/main/content/restricted/npcer/2013npcer_resources/ce20120001-ho.pdf Also... http://fhea.com/main/?p=certificationcols/common_questions.htm Hope that helps some!
  4. TransplantRN3

    How Soon after Graduation did you take NCLEX?

    Hi there! I was a December grad, studied during January, then took the NCLEX the first week in February. It worked well for me-- I think only you can answer if your plan is realistic or not. How good are you at organizing your time? I spent a good month doing tons of practice questions and brushing up system by system before my exam. If you feel ready, you feel ready :) Good luck!
  5. On our unit, we have two holiday groups. If you work one set of holidays one year, you are off of that set the next. If someone is "on" for a holiday, they are scheduled for the day before, day of, and day after...same for night shift. That way, whoever is "off"can have the holiday & surrounding days off for travel. It works really well on our unit.
  6. TransplantRN3

    TPN question

    I work on a very specialized pediatric unit. Almost half of our children are on TPN and lipids. It is normal practice for us to run compatible fluids in the same lumen as the TPN and lipis- we do it all the time as long as the fluis are compatible.
  7. It's making me crazy that I can't edit my second "you're" to "your.." thats what night shift does to you! oops! :)
  8. I, too, have never worked in LTC. As a new grad though, if you do not feel ready to be off orientation and on your own (and with only three days of orientation, I don't blame you if you're not!) you can ask the manager for more time on orientation. Make sure YOU feel comfortable, because once you're on you're own you are working with your license and are responsible for your actions. :)
  9. TransplantRN3

    is less than a year med surg experience enough to land a job?

    Check with the policy at your facility. I know at mine, we are "expected" to work one year on a unit before considering a transfer to a different unit.
  10. TransplantRN3

    How do you administer Nifedipine?

    I work in with children who have had intestinal transplants. Not only are they young and unable to swallow pills, but many have oral aversions. We give many meds through GT/NGT/JT etc. When we have to give nifedipine, we puncture the capsule with a blunt tip needle and draw out the liquid medication. We know from our drug books that a 10 mg capsule has 0.34 mL of liquid in it, so we do our drug calculation and dilute it to make the concentration 1:1 with NS (for example, draw up 0.17 and mix with 5 mL of NS) so that it easier to draw up the correct dose. Sorry if this was confusing... :)
  11. TransplantRN3

    Learning to cope

    I felt the exact same as you when I first starting working. It gets better over time, but it remains important to take care of yourself. I don't think the "stress" ever goes away... you just get better at handling it. Once the stress of being a new grad goes away, a new stress will come along, like orienting to become charge nurse or joining a committee. I agree with the previous poster. Make plans for your days off. Exercise and eating right are so important! Good luck!
  12. TransplantRN3

    Help me choose!! Respiratory or RN?

    I agree that, without knowing you, it is hard to really give any advice. I am an RN, and while the RT's I work with seem to like their jobs, the only downside I see is less opportunity. Becoming an RN will give you SOOO many different avenues to choose from. You are right- it should not be about the money. Do what makes YOU happy Best of luck!
  13. TransplantRN3

    job application current employer

    I agree that most employers will contact your current job before hiring you. Are you asking because your current employer does not know you are looking for another job? Good luck!
  14. TransplantRN3

    Anyone receive the HRSA Nurse Loan Forgiveness Scholarship???

    Good luck! :) I see the scholarship program is for current students and the loan repayment program is for FT employees.
  15. TransplantRN3

    Anyone receive the HRSA Nurse Loan Forgiveness Scholarship???

    Its called a "nursing education loan repayment program" rather than a scholarship, but as far as I know, it is awarded after graduation. That is because it is a program that awards nurses working FT at an approved facility. On their website (google HRSA NELRP), it has list of different types of approved facilities the nurse must work at. I applied after I had already started working FT. Hope that helps!
  16. TransplantRN3

    Anyone receive the HRSA Nurse Loan Forgiveness Scholarship???

    Got your message- it won't let me respond from my work computer, but will send the message in a couple hours when I get home! :)