Need advice please

  1. I recently notified my employer that I'd be leaving my job and they told me that any further employer that would contact them would be informed I was not eligible for rehire. Is this legal? I thought employers could only state your dates of employment and title. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you.
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  3. by   502Nurse
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I am in good standing and was always told I did a good job. My employer said this would be stated because I was only there a few months.
  4. by   P_RN
    Do you WANT to use them as a reference, ever? If not just leave them off. I think a lot of places use the no rehire phrase as a little emotional blckmail. For that time span put vacation or personal time.
  5. by   emily_mom
    I wouldn't use them for a reference. I was once fired from a job (not a medical job) when I was in the hospital. They had ample notice and a letter from my doctor. They still fired me and tried to fight unemployment...they lost. I have listed them in the past, and they have written negative things. So, I just leave them off (even though I was there 2 years). I have a friend that owns a company so he is my employer! Never had a problem, although it is possible for them to check your work history through W4's and can find if you're lying.

  6. by   renerian
    They can state dates and if a person is eligble for rehire but they also would need to say it is their policy not to hire anyone back. They need to watch their Ps & Qs.

  7. by   jemb
    Actually, they did you a favor by letting ou know in advance what they would say. I agree with the prior post. Since only a few months are involved, just say it was personal time or such.
  8. by   Tweety
    Agree with jemb they did you a favor. They are being petty and it's just a reflection of their immaturity.

    Most employers are very careful what they do and don't say on references, because losers are suing organizations for not giving a good reference. Our hospital says eligible for rehire or not and that is it.
  9. by   meownsmile
    Although i think legally they can only tell dates of employment and if you are eligable for rehire, remember,, it is a small world and nothing stops people from talking outside of the professional environment. Coffee clubs, golf courses, civic groups, church groups all have members that are members of administrative teams that are aquainted with each other both professionally and privately.
    A casual conversation can reveal a lot, and it isnt held within the "legal" aspect of formal references. Noone is legally required to give a reason why they dont hire you.
  10. by   nurseleigh
    Since lying on an application is grounds for immediate dismissal if caught, here is what I would do.

    List it in your work history and where it says on the application "may we contact" put no AND AN EXPLANATION OF WHY!!!!! This way you don't lie on your application and you get the first word in.


    p.s. I took a year class on how to interview, questions to ask, how to dress, what to put on applications, and such as part of an office technology course. Hated being a secretary and became a nurse instead.
  11. by   sjoe
    P-RN wrote "Actually, they did you a favor by letting you know in advance what they would say. I agree with the prior post. Since only a few months are involved, just say it was personal time or such."

    I agree completely. You are under NO obligation to include ALL past jobs on an application (unless you sign an affadavit that you have done so, as may happen if you are to be bonded, require a security clearance or are working in corrections, for example).

    I always leave off the short jobs AND I supply xerox copies of three references from selected charge nurses/supervisors I have asked to write for me, along with their current contact information.
  12. by   Agnus
    Since you had a good record there. you might list them and explain that because you only were there a short time that you are not eligible for rehire. Explain this is their poloicy when someone leaves after only a couple of months reguardless of the reason for leaving.
  13. by   canoehead
    I bring copies of my last evaluation, and let the interviewers know that my references are by policy only able to state the rehire/not rehire status, so I know they are getting good information, and they know the info is accurate (relatively).
  14. by   RN2B2005
    I was fired from a job after being falsely accused of falsifying hours on my time sheet. The real problem was, my BOSS had falsified HIS hours and since both of us couldn't have been there at the same time, he told his supervisor that I was lying. Even though I had plenty of preparation for what was coming, I was absolutely devastated.

    So what to put on the resume? I still listed the job, but made a point of bringing up the topic of a possible negative reference in the interview. It hasn't hurt my employability yet. As it turned out, the entire management staff--including my former boss--was fired about three months after I was, because of multiple facility violations (drugs missing, animals neglected, etc.).