Near MIss! Evil Ex- NM rises from dead

  1. I know there are those of y'all out there who remember my posting nearly 2 years ago about my horrible job (see "Bait & Swithch tactics at New Job" 12/04) and my unbelievably obtuse manager. The lady who wrote me up for medication errors committed by night shift 2 hours after I left, who halved my orientation because she insisted she'd hired me a month earlier than she did, who paid me less than she'd promised, who gave me bad evaluations for multiple call-ins when I'd never done it even once, believed every rumor she ever heard and punished me for it while denying that she ever took action based on just hearsay...

    Y'all know I moved on, kept my license, and went back to ER where I belonged and married my soul mate. Love ER, love this job. Well, brace yourselves for this.

    We had an unbelievably horrendous night tonight. Chest pain and SOB pts waiting 4-6 hours in the WR, pts stacked up in the hallways, all of us taking extra patients. Every pt there needed hourly vitals, CT scans, accuchecks with sliding scales, multiple antibiotics, suicide watch, cardiac monitoring, and had no veins. I ran so hard for 13 straight hours that I swear I do not understand why I am not as skinny as a whip.

    Took care of this very sweet, very sick gentleman tonight who complimented my every move. He marveled at his easy IV insertion, at my constant watch over his pulmonary status and repeated auscultation of lung sounds. Just a fantastic pt, the very kind we all love to care for, who truly appreciate all we do and put that appreciation into words. At some point he said, "I have a daughter who is an RN in (former city of practice)." I am from there, so I say, "Well, I might know her." And so this sweet precious pt tells me the very name of that sadistic, psychotic, demented, preying mantis from whom I escaped with license intact just a year and 9 months ago!!! And then says, "You know how nurses are, she is on her way here because she just has to see how I am."

    People, what are the odds of this? That this very same despot who so insidiously oozed her sadism into my life would resurface in same because her dad happened to choose MY ER on a day that I worked, AND happened to be assigned to one of MY rooms? I thought seriously of hiding under my truck until coaxed out with Valium. By the very grace of God and nothing less, she was detained in (aforementioned town >1 hour away) and was unable to show her heathen face in my ER tonight.

    Say what you will, but now I really believe in the devil.
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  3. by   Roy Fokker

    is right!

    Again, Woooooooooow!
  4. by   vamedic4
    I, for one, am glad you didn't have to endure seeing that woman's face!! There's nothing worse than working for someone like that, just as there is no excuse for her actions.

    Someone was watching over you, least you saw what was GOOD with her familiy.

    All the best,
  5. by   zenman
    I would have stayed until I could give her a report on her dad! Would love the look on her face..."Remember me?"
  6. by   RGN1
    Quote from zenman
    I would have stayed until I could give her a report on her dad! Would love the look on her face..."Remember me?"
    There's a part of me that would have liked this too - especialy if you could have somehow got her dad to go on about the wonderful nurse who was looking after him!! THAT would have been hilarious!!

    Good on you that you got away & got sorted!!
  7. by   caroladybelle
    I've been there.....OHHHHHH HOW I'VE BEEN THERE!!!

    I was a senior nursing student. We were doing our senior case studies. It was against the rules for us to make copies of patient documents, but could hand transcribe the date. Popular clique male nurse goes to make copies - offers to make copies for me - I decline, saying it is not permitted. I tell no one about this. No ONE!

    Next week, instructor makes a big to do about hearing that students are making copies of patient data. Popular clique marks me as a "tattletale", though I said nothing to anyone.

    Next week, I start my final practicum for graduation, on my preferred unit, Oncology, where the manager knows me and likes me. However, two senior staffers (4 or more years of experience each) target me and treat me like dirt. They try to have me to take the fall for a couple of things, complain loudly if I cannot get the IV started (they failed at starting said IV, but I am surethat it is because I "ruined" the good vein. They made my final weeks of nursing school Hell with a capital "H".

    At the very end of the practicum, I find out that I will not get my covetted position on the Oncology unit. I end up on M/S purgatory floor. I also find out that the targetting nurses are best buds with Mister "labels me a tattler".

    I work in M/S purgatory for two years,move to another state, become an awesome Oncology certified nurse, become a traveler and work in some of the top facilities in the Country.

    Hurricanes Charley/Frances/Jeanne hit Florida. I decide to take an assignment near Mama to help with the clean up of the homestead. I do my orientation, am a week into my assignment...and I come to the Report room where the off going nurses are taping report.

    And I hear THAT voice......

    Oh, my FREAKIN' gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was her....she WHO RUINED MY LIFE FOR TWO STINKIN' YEARS!!!!!!!!

    And after damaging my life, job and reputation, she did not even recognize me.

    She didn't recognize me...not once during the 5 monthes that I worked with her during that assignment. I heard everyone whine about how crappy her work was and all about her screwups. And I kept my mouth shut ....until the day after she finished her assignment. As people were asking me to stay and talking about how worthless "some traveler nurses" were, I finally had to tell someone and I told them.

    The staff was speechless.

    Some people are not worth your anger and the energy that you waste on them. Living well and being successful despite what they have done to you is the best revenge.
  8. by   rnsrgr8t
    I have SO BEEN there. My first job out of nursing school was hell. I was on a peds hem/onc floor and the majority of the people I worked with were hateful and ate their young. I was basically told that I could never be a nurse and that I need to work in a different profession! Luckily I did not listen to their advice, I got a new job with great people and got confidence in my skills and knowledge. Flash forward 5 years and I am sitting in one of my nursing classes in grad school. Who comes in as a guest lecturer than one of the CNS that I had on my floor during my first job. She looked at me stunned!!! They had all thought I had quit nursing! She could not believe I was in grad school to get my PNP. Even better was how much one of my professors raved about me to her! Small world!
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    Living well and being successful are, indeed, the best revenge........I'm proof of that myself!

    I am glad you didn't have to deal with your former NM personally, though. Makes me wonder how such a sweet man could've produced someone like her......then again, a cousin of the NM who treated me like garbage now works for me, and she too is a sweetheart. (BTW even SHE thinks the woman is meaner than cat dirt!!)
  10. by   gitterbug
    You did the job, took excellent care of your patient, left him in good shape. I do not think you needed to see this evil person. Hold your head up proud and just know you are a good nurse.
  11. by   HARRN2b
    She may have acted like she did not know you.