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I just started a new job, and most of the nurses I work with have these super cute personalized name tags... They have their first name and RN or LPN in big cutsey font, with a picture of a nurse... Read More

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    Quote from AmericanRN
    Perhaps you should take a vacation if the word "cute" set you off to that level. It is a PICU, all their "clients" are children. Children like bright & shiny. No where does it say that a professional won't understand presentation of a disease process because they want a cute name tag. We nurses need to get over ourselves already with the "I'm a professional cuz I wear solid scrubs." Ya know what modern day docs do "cute" now too if it can get someone to smile. I saw two docs with a huge height difference between them dress up as the Jolly Green Giant & Sprout on an adult oncology unit while rounding. Their adult pts loved it, no one complained about unprofessionalism or demanded a new onc doc STAT.
    Yes, I hate the word "cute" mea culpa, I was, sincerely, wrong. I am most sorry. You may not know this, but I actually realise that I make mistakes. I was silly and wrong. Still, Please, avoid the word cute, when I'm involved. O.k., just give me room to be a typical male. I can't help it, I still hate cute.