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Nunya has 40 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU/Mother-Baby/Peds/Mgmt.

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  1. I've done it 3 times, once in the military and twice in civil service. All 3 hospital jobs were rotating shifts but I worked more nights than days in all of them, by choice. The hospital shifts were 12 hours, clinics 8. I won't say I'll never d...
  2. So, It's Come To This...

    Glad I'm not likely to be in Nebraska anytime soon. I wonder if they require flu, MMR and TB testing?
  3. How should I move forward?

    I've been on call in NICUs but only 1-2 shifts every 6-8 weeks. One shift every week is an awful lot imo. Hard to get a 4 day weekend with that requirement. Ask the PP and Nursery staff what their requirements are.
  4. Hey! That's my article on nurse's notes...

    Wow! That's pretty bold of that site! And possibly illegal.
  5. New Nurse Struggling With Doctor Calls

    Also, there's no shame in running things past the charge nurse and asking her for suggestions, to talk to doctors etc. I like to keep calling the doctors back if the patient doesn't get better, yeah, they get annoyed but that's why they get the big ...
  6. BSN - no experience and lots of children

    Just my opinion but maybe get a staff nurse job for longer than 4 months before you spend thousands of dollars and hours becoming a NP. We all think we'd like something before we actually DO it....
  7. Mom with dementia having hallucinations

    OK, here are all the things the nurses suggested.... UTI, one gal said she's been negative on labs but still having sxs that went away with abx Sleep deprivation/ benzos to help with sleep/withdrawal of sleep meds MRI to check for tumo...
  8. Mom with dementia having hallucinations

    A friend's mom had the same thing happen, they eventually diagnosed her with Lewy Body dementia. I posted her case on the fb page "School Nursing" and got lots of suggestions of things to check. I'll go look now but if this topic gets closed just e...
  9. Tips For Being A Preceptor

    That's exactly what they did at a military hospital I worked at. The "preceptor" had LESS than 1 year's experience on the floor, and it was her first assignment as a nurse. But she was bubbly and fun and young. Too bad she really didn't know what ...
  10. Designated NICU staff or all float staff ?

    Oh yeah, this is teetering, and more on the dangerous side than safe side. NICU is an ICU and quite frankly so is L&D. Your hospital is giving a few weeks orientation in a NICU and then someone who's never done it before could go weeks before w...
  11. Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    Yes, I've been able to pick up 3-7 when a 8 hour person was going home, or work 7p-11p to bridge the gap between a 12 hour day and an 8 hour night nurse, but it's not scheduled, it's all OT.
  12. Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    I don't think any job (edit: any hospital or LTC job) will let you take every Saturday off, even if you work every Sunday. That would be splitting up your weekend which means someone else would have to split up their weekend, and people will scream....
  13. Forgot to note this/Endorse that

    If you think it's really important you can call and tell the nurse when you get home, then you won't be thinking about it.
  14. Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    Yes, I think you'll have the same if not more direct contact with patients as a NP. Have you thought about trying to do something like case mgmt, infection control, research? Edit: or a work from home job?
  15. Non Accredited (but approved) Nursing Schools

    Florida doesn't really care about educating it's students. Many, many charter and private schools here with no oversight, no minimum requirements, no state or federal testing. And of course the legislature allotted more money to these kinds of "sch...