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  1. the VEGAN Professor

    NP Programs that Provide Preceptors

    How did it work out for you! You have a couple of really thoughtful and considerate responses in this thread! Praying all is well!
  2. the VEGAN Professor

    Bradley University

    Any updates?
  3. does anyone have any RECOMMENDATIONS and/or ADVICE for students desperately trying to decide whether to attend one or the other? 1) BRADLEY UNIVERSITY (FNP Program) vs 2) TROY University (FNP Program) **any and ALL knowledge on these 2 programs is NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated ** God Bless
  4. Licensed Nurse Practitioners & current Nurse Practitioner STUDENTS: **what CLINICAL ROTATIONS (sites) did you personally feel taught you to the MOST? **which clinical rotation (SITES) did you feel felt like more of a waste of TIME? or simply taught you the least? *I do understand the learning curve will differ greatly based on the individual PRECEPTOR you select, or have been selected for---but DID ANY clinic or hospital setting allow you to grow the most as a Nurse Practitioner student? (personal issue--decided to switch universities and the FORMER university allowed and ENCOURAGED hospital preceptor rotations...TODAY I discovered that with the new university hospital settings are only discouraged, but are NOT ALLOWED) This was a huge BLOW to all previous plans and not quite sure where to start (also was told there is NO MASTER LIST, whereas the previous school disseminated a master list before the 1st day of school)
  5. the VEGAN Professor


    is ANYONE here able and willing (*literally on bended knee here*) to ACCEPT a Family-Nurse-Practitioner-Student for 1 or 2 semesters in the Birmingham, AL area? Fall 2019? Spring 2020? Summer 2020? Fall 2020?
  6. What hourly rate or SALARY were you initially offered as a NEW GRAD? was this FULL-TIME? or part-time? (please include CITY and AREA of practice if you feel comfortable)
  7. the VEGAN Professor

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    TRYING to redact all personal information but was sent this in reference to an inquiry Application for fall 2020 will open Sept 15th with priority review beginning November 1st. The average student that enters our program has a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  8. Can anyone PLEASE RECOMMEND or NOT RECOMMEND the Nurse Practitioner Schools Listed? whether this is FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE or personal reports someon you know, can you PLEASE advise on whether you would recommend either of these institutions for the Nurse Practitioner TRACK? 1- Troy University (DNP- FNP track) (I believe this is based in Montgomery? they informed me that I could ONLY complete their DNP because of prior MSN completion) starts THIS SUMMER 2- BRADLEY University (Post-MSN FNP certificate) 3- SAMFORD University (MSN-FNP track) 4- University of Alabama at Birmingham (MSN- FNP track) does Vanderbilt (MSN-FNP) appreciate TRANSFER students? Anyone know the required GPA for acceptance? (THANKS YOU so much in ADVANCE )
  9. the VEGAN Professor

    Bradley University

    any updates?
  10. the VEGAN Professor

    Why did you become a NP?

    Great topic