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  1. brotherbear

    Active License but havent worked in 7 years

    I worked as a nurse for 7 years since the time I got my license. After which I moved over to Information Systems. By the way, if you're taking care of critical IT systems their's little difference between that and nursing. Their's just different terminology. - Prevention - Implementation - Configuration - Maintenance - Feedback - Training - Documentation
  2. I'm an LVN with an active license although I haven't used it in 7 years. I just renew it every 3 years or so. I've been working in another field. I have a Bachelors degree in Information Systems and have nothing on my record. Can I still easily get a job as an LVN in Texas part time?
  3. brotherbear

    Is home health profitable?

    Well, the tax laws on "work transportation" are very open as long as the person is using the 1040 or 1040a. However getting this back with your taxes has a downside in that the amount you can get is limited and you have to wait till the end of the year. Anyway, it's a good point you made though. There's far too many visiting nurses that do not take advantage of the tax credits/breaks.
  4. brotherbear

    Is home health profitable?

    On the flipside it's convenient to an extent. The flexibility I would say, I'm just venting at the glaring personal expenses one has to make given the number of people that speak about highly paying nursing jobs out there.
  5. brotherbear

    Is home health profitable?

    Caliotter thats precisely my point. In the end what you make is your expenses made trying to perform that job subtracted from what your hourly wage is. In this instance you are making say $30.00 per visit. Heres the math. Gas spent getting there (at $3.15 per gallon with a vehicle that burns 35miles per gallon. The distance travelled is 70 miles. You have to spend four gallons of gas. i.e. 2 x 3.15 = $6.30, then add another $6.30 return trip. So $12.30 on gas per visit. Now you remember you also burn an average of 2 hours just travelling. So that has to be accounted for too. That's why i always comment that home health is quite the drag. In this case if you it's costing $12.30 on you per visit then I am all ears for the nurses that think it is profitable. Maybe their is something I'm missing, but hence the discussion right?
  6. brotherbear

    Is home health profitable?

    how come some home health agencies urge people to travel far distances but are reluctant to provide compensation for gas mileage, and car maintenance. You have to admit giving $25.00 per visit when the patient is 30 miles a way doesnt really reward as much.
  7. brotherbear

    Incorporating as a nurse

    ...rumor has it that incorporating yourself as a nurse (ie. getting paid on a 1099 vs W2) has major advantages. Just a quick poll on how many of y'all know people who have done this. What the advantages are, e.t.c.
  8. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    to correct my position on this for sake of providing accurate info the ration of females ot males in the CRNA field is 6 to 4. Source is beckersasc.com (Beckers ASC Review). So remifentanil you are absolutely on point :-)
  9. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    you saying this 'cos it's high paying? those I've talked to who had been put under said most of their CRNAs where women, and that women dominate that field because they are "preferred" to be best in consoling and calming anxious patients about to go through invasive surgeries, diagnostics, e.t.c.
  10. brotherbear

    Name Tags

    They are cute for real but some hospital units see them as unprofessional. Sometimes it goes to personality. Not that it should.
  11. brotherbear

    Anyone studied Nursing Informatics?

    This is an interesting field especially for those coming from the IT sectors. Haven't come across any colleges offering it as a major but that's probably because IT and nursing is still "merging". Hope it grows to a fully stand-alone field.
  12. brotherbear

    Is nursing shortage a myth?

    ...from what I hear there was once a legitimate shortage. However there was also a huge exodus of people leaving other professions (in the tech field for instance) to take on nursing jobs. Basic economics dictates of course that at some point in the world of supply/demand their will be an "equilibrium". Perhaps that's what's happening now.
  13. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    Its short for 50 calories. I like to stay fit by creating a 50 calorie deficit for myself for my daily intake.
  14. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    lol@ "shoved off for work in the corner office"
  15. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    Gender has nothing to do with it. This is true in most professions. However, since guys by default have different personalities than women their choices (and thinking patterns) are often different. In this case I'm just asking for personal opinion versus the politically correct answer. No pun intended here.