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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   pipersjo
    I'm in northern WV and I am going to start at $20/hr with 10% for nights.
  2. by   kuntrinurse
    As an afterthought, I decided it would be nice to add traveler/agency pay as well...
    LPN 19-22/hr
    RN 28-32/hr

    Florida's Panhandle
  3. by   nrsang97
    I work in a level 1 trauma center in the ICU. I live in Detroit. I make about 26.00/hr with 5 yrs exp base salary. I get 7% shift diff for nights and 2.00 more a hr for weekends. I think new grads start out around 21-22.00 per hr. This is at most places in the for new grads. SE Michigan Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area.
  4. by   peds4now
    I'm still in school, but I'm Los Angeles new grads get $28-31/hr.

    P.S., related question:

    What is the typical pay difference in your hospital between a new grad, a "level II" or whatever the highest non-charge nurse, and a charge RN? How long does it take to reach a plateau beyond which your earning power cannot grow without switching employers?
  5. by   lamielpn
    In 1985, Dallas, Tx. Starting wage LVN. ..........$6.20. Thought that would make a few say< WOW.
  6. by   PMFB-RN
    New grad starting pay at Meriter Hospital in Madison Wisconsin is $27.70/hour, plus $4 NOC & $2/weekend. COL is very reasonable. Can buy a nice 3 bed, 2 bath house for <$100K.
  7. by   anne74
    Denver, Colorado - $20 - $21/hr for a new grad. Hardly any signing bonuses or other perks. They don't have to recruit too hard to get people to move here, with the weather, mountains and all. Cost of living is pretty high for this size of a city - especially housing.

    Knowing salaries around the country is empowering - it helps you make decisions and know if you're being fairly compensated. More nurses need to be aggressive and educated regarding their compensation - that's never a problem in a male dominated field. Too bad.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    New grad starting pay at Meriter Hospital in Madison Wisconsin is $27.70/hour, plus $4 NOC & $2/weekend. COL is very reasonable. Can buy a nice 3 bed, 2 bath house for <$100K.
    Where can a person buy a 3 bed, 2 bath house for in Madison, WI. for? I have been looking for over a year at houses, and have yet to find one for less than $165,000. Then, even at that price most need fixing up.
  9. by   new er nurse
    In Western PA starting at my hospital for RN no experience is $20.18. I'm in the ER with 1 1/2 yrs experience. We had a small sign on bonus ($2000).
  10. by   WolfpackRed
    Had an interview last week with a nurse recruiter in the Winston-Salem, NC area.

    I was told that the starting salary for new grads, at this particular hospital, was ~$19.85 with $4 differental for nights and ~$1.25 differental for weekends.
  11. by   lauralassie
    ohio: started in north carolina in 1980. 6.10 hr. 30 bed step down unit. after many, many years of critical care / er / trauma, 37.50 base, 0.50 hr for CCRN ,4.25 shift dif/ weekend diff as well. Not sure what new grads make in ohio. Found the pay rate varies tremendosly from city to city.
  12. by   weesyanne
    New nurses where I work make $21.80/hour in Georgia. I have more than 20 years experience, won't mention my salary or workplace here. When I was a new nurse, I started out making $8.85/hour.
  13. by   RNSacht
    Quote from propofool are saying that publicly talking about salaries or wages will influence how much you can or will earn?
    Sorry pardon my frank statement, but dont read this forum if you are so against talking salary. This is an OPEN forum and most of us enjoy seeing what the national salary range is. It is NO secret.
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