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  1. pipersjo

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    *Geographic location: WV*Pay rate: a little over $25 base*In which area / specialty do you work? Radiology*What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN*What type of degree and/or certification do you have? MSN, ACLS, BLS*How many years of experience do you have? : 7 years*Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? FT*What shift do you work? days, 0730-1600*Do you receive any shift differential? If I would pick up shifts on the floor, yes I would. I can't stand the thought of working on the floors again though!*Are you a manager or supervisor? No way! Part of the reason I started back in the hospitals, was so I wouldn't have to be a manager or super anymore!
  2. I comissioned into the Army Nurse Corp (reserves) June 14, 2010-- best day of my life! The only bad thing about this is that my unit is shutting down. we were told that we would be released to pursue whatever we wanted to do including changing branches. I hate to switch, but my unit is no help and I can't seem to find any slots for a 66H around my area. I even have the ASI 8A! Has anyone here switched branches? how difficult was it? I have my BSN, almost finished with my MSN, and I am thinking of pursuing my FNP as a post Master's because I only have 5 classes to finish that up. A couple of complications for me include finding out that I am pregnant and I haven't been to OBLC yet-- I was supposed to go in April but I will be unable to go now with my due date being in July.
  3. pipersjo

    Army Officer Commissioning Ceremony

    I actually graduated with my ADN 3 years ago, my BSN 2 years ago, and I'm halfway through my MSN in Nursing Education (which, of course, means nothing to the Army lol). I am going in with the 8a identifier :)
  4. pipersjo

    Army Officer Commissioning Ceremony

    I am not sure what unit-- all I know is that it is coraopolis, pa, right outside of Pittsburgh. It was the closest unit that could use me. I will have to ask my recruiter!
  5. pipersjo

    Army Officer Commissioning Ceremony

    Thanks Carolina!! I thought it was an appropriate choice for the day :) I am going Reserves for now, jeckrn... I wanted to go active but their were more critical care spots for the Reserves so I just went for Reserves for now--- knida get my feet wet, ya know?!
  6. Hello everyone, I was just wondering what to expect at my commissioning ceremony-- and what to expect after that! I will have my ceremony on June 14th (the Army's birthday/Flag Day). It has been a long, crazy road to get there but I am finally gonna do it!! I am having my ceremony at the hospital I work at so that the people I work with can be there since they are the 1's that helped me become the nurse I am today. What happens after I am official???
  7. pipersjo

    HELP!!! Theoretical framework....

    Thank you! I thought I was posting in the right forum
  8. pipersjo

    HELP!!! Theoretical framework....

    Thank you both so much! Unfortunately, I know all too well that most theories won't fit snuggly with my subject but it is part of the assignment and I was stuck! I had a theory class last semester that was the bane of my existance- good thing about that is that I have a good theory text!
  9. I am starting my thesis on the use of FemoStops and manual pressure when removing femoral sheaths but the problem is I can't think of what theoretical framework to use! I was thinking about using Orlando's Theory of Nursing Process but that focuses more on communication and I don't know that it really fits. My instructor is absolutely no help with this.