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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   CRNI-ICU20
    $37/hr plus benefits....chicago burbs....22 years experience ICU
  2. by   91C_ARMYLPN
    After leaving the Army and returning to the civilian sector, as a LPN/LVN, I was paid $ 14.00/hr base salary in 1994, working in a Internal Medicine Clinic....that was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today in 2007, after having my LVN license for 21 years, I live in Southern California. I make $65,000 per/yr. base salary, benefit package is extra, and I work as a nurse case manager.
    By the way, California has a very high cost of living.
  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Quote from propofool
    This seems to be a unique phenomena, In my opinion, that nurses are so willing to publicly proclaim their earning potential. Of course it is normal to wonder, but less than professional to discuss publicly
    Actually, you can go to sites like & check local salary ranges for hundreds of different jobs.

    You don't think doctors, lawyers, etc discuss earning potential?

    Heck, they'll pay big money to attend seminars to learn how to maximize their earnings.

    It seems students & new grads seem the most focused on this for whatever reason,

    While I don't believe that salary should be the main criteria to seeking employment, it's perfectly appropriate to know how that salary quote of $22 (for example) stacks up against other hospitals in the same locale.
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  4. by   ERRNTraveler
    Quote from PMFB-RN
    New grad starting pay at Meriter Hospital in Madison Wisconsin is $27.70/hour, plus $4 NOC & $2/weekend. COL is very reasonable. Can buy a nice 3 bed, 2 bath house for <$100K.

    So you are saying you're making $33.70 as a new grad in WI??? I graduated 4 years ago & started at $21.00 in WI. Your figure seems a little inflated....
  5. by   CTJewel24
    I'm a LPN in CT and my first job out of school started me at 27.35/hr. I am now working a weekend baylor shift getting $20.50/hr I work 24hours and they pay me for 40 hours with full benefits so its like making $34/hr.

    RNs up here start in the $30s I believe.

    I'm thinking about relocating to TX and trying to see what the pay for LPN/LVNs is down there with a few years experience... and how difficult it will be to get reciprocity.
  6. by   AnamariaR
    Hehe.I have a 7 years of experience and a payment $6/hr.Its great to work in Croatia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   RSturchRN
    Indianapolis Indiana new grads in surgery...$ 19.00-$22.00 with potential sign on and this does not include call stipen and shift diff.
  8. by   kwans29
    Live in sc. new grad starting rate in 2005 was 18.00 for New RN
  9. by   shellek
    I have been a traveling nurse and been offered many times positions in AZ. I told them it would take a bit to obtain my license, they wanted me asap. they told me I didn't even need a AZ license?? confused me..although I am licensed in NV I thought you have to be licensed in each state you worked in. Also, a friend of mine just grad. from RN school in pheonix and now is being told she can and then can not obtain licensure in other states?? what is the truth...does it depend on the school or should she take another state board exam in a wide open state while info is fresh in her mind so that she won't have to take state boards years in the future if she choices to move....?????
  10. by   RachelRN25
    I work as a new grad at a San Fran bay area hospital and make $43/hour. Plus $7 night shift diff.
  11. by   Sheri257
    California Corrections: $42 an hour, about $63 with OT statewide whether you are a new grad or veteran nurse. The pay is higher in the Bay Area. Night differentials are negligible but the benefits are great including pension.

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  12. by   RNandlovingit

    Az is a compact state. That means that if you have a license in Arizona you can go practice nursing in any of the other 17 states that participate in the mulit-state nursing compact. However because you have a NY license and they dont participate, you would have to apply for a AZ license by endorsement first. They were wrong to tell you you didnt need an AZ license.. maybe they thought NY was a compact state.. hmm cant answer to what someone else might have been You never have to retake the boards again. Once you have passed NCLEX you are a nurse! it just depends on where you want to go to practice nursing. Of the states that are not a part of the compact you can just apply for a license in those states by endorsement. Each state has a board of nursing. Just check with that state and find out what their requirements are.
  13. by   godlvme
    Northern california,
    I am a New Grad RN; Hospital $33.00