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Does anyone out there feel the same as I about our FULL name being branded across our chest for all the world to see. I have a problem w/ patients looking my name and phone # up, and calling me at... Read More

  1. by   KSSRN
    In the hospital where I work, our badges have our title (RN/LPN) in large letters in the upper right hand corner. Our first name is written in large black letters in the middle of the badge with our picture off to one side. Our full name and other credentials are listed on the bottom but it is small and difficult to read. I'm don't understand why your hospital feels the need to put your full name on your badge and agree it is a concern.
  2. by   baseline
    Our badges have our first names very large and the last name in very small print underneath with our title in Large red print.
  3. by   froglady
    I have had this happen to me. Just the other night after I quit my job, my phone rang and it was one of my patients from the nursing. The other nurse gave her my private number, I will have a talk with the other nurse.
    What makes matters worse, in the nursing home the schedule usually ends up in view for everyone to see. But my position required me put my number, private or not on the schedule. WE have discussed this, but to no avail.
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  4. by   Vicki K
    Not only have I had patients calling me at home, but I've been stalked twice. Once was a mental patient while I was still in nursing school -- he used to climb the tree outside my bedroom window and hang out. I called the police several times, but this was 25+ years ago, and they just didn't take it all that seriously. They never even showed up. When I graduated, I moved away and that was the last I heard of him! The other time, it was a CCU patient who decided he wanted to date me. He called me at home, at work, on another unit when I floated and -- this one REALLY scared me -- at my friend's house. Her husband finally got on the line and informed the guy that if I heard from him again, he'd take legal action. (I didn't hear from him again!) Currently, a former patient is trying to get in touch with my husband and is leaving frequent messages on our answering machine. This time, it doesn't scare me, but it is irritating!

  5. by   tigger86334
    Every place I have ever worked we only have our first names on the front of our badges and a last name on the back. Working in ER's for most of my nursing it only makes sense. We also never give a last name to any patient or family member even if it is for a written KUDO.
  6. by   PCU-RN
    Our hospital recently made last names optional on badges for security reasons and we are in a small county in mid Florida. A few years ago I had a patient who was the father of my son's friend from high school. He recognized the last name. He was admitted for a-fib with rvr and was in sr when discharged. Two nights later I received a call from his wife saying that his heart rate was fast again and wanting to know if I had any quick "home remedies" to slow it down because he was going for a new job physical in the morning and was "sure to fail" when they checked his heart rate. While my phone is unlisted, they got my number from their son. I told them that there was no quick fix, but since they kept pressing me for an answer, I'm sure that they didn't believe me. I told them that they needed to let their doctor know asap, but they were more concerned with passing the physical and getting the job. Not sure what happened, never heard from them again. I prefer to remain anonymous at work.
  7. by   night owl
    Had an incident happen at work one day...I was smoking right outside the front door because it was too cold to stand the 25' from the building where the ashtray is located (next to the road). A very distinguished black man whom I've never seen before walked up the stairs so I held the door open for him. He says to me, "Are you smoking?" I said "Yes." He bends down to read my name on my ID Badge and says, "Hmmm B****t huh?" Meanwhile I'm holding the door open for this man and he walked into the building. I'm thinking,"Oh great now I'm going to get a fine for smoking right in front of the building and not out in the road!" I never did though. Think I'll put that tape over my last name from now on.
  8. by   red606
    Although I work in a small town, no one has ever called me at home after they read my name badge..........Make you phone # unlisted would solve the problem.
  9. by   PCU-RN
    my phone number has never been listed or published in 35 years. that does not necessarily mean that someone cannot get it if they really want to. many years ago some "friends" gave our address as a forwarding address when they moved. a credit card company managed to get my name and phone number by using my address and called my house looking for our friends. when i asked them how they got my number, the woman stated that they can get any information that they want. i was told by the phone company that if i ever put my number on a check in a store, then i essentially unlisted my number. that information goes into a data base and can be sold to other businesses. so my name stays off my badge and the stores get made up phone numbers.
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    At my hospital, we have a choice as to whether we want our first & last names, or just first names on our badges. Although my number is unlisted, this area is small enough that somebody will always know somebody else who knows me, which is why I have only my first name on mine!