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  1. tigger86334

    ER Nurses Treated Different in my Hospital!

    I guess you didn't read all of my message. I DID walk a mile in your shoes, I was a floor nurse before going to the ER. Can you say the same? Our code team is made up of the ER Doc, ER Nurse, ICU Nurse and RT. Not all hospitals have code teams and those people on the code team are still doing their regular nursing and still have to leave to respond to the code. In all my years I have never seen a floor nurse respond to a code in the ER. We don't call them over head cause we're already there. Each nursing speciality has their own unique way and there is a need for all of us. As I stated eariler. It takes a special person to be a nurse and each nurse in their specialites. Nobody asked anyone to be a doormat, just understand where we're coming from too. Maybe the ER nurses at your hospital stack pt's. I don't know, don't work with you or in your ER. At my hospital we try not to send them all at once and don't call report or take pt's to the floor during shift change. It's called respect, but I can say that there has been times when we have tried to call report and the nurse was busy or the room not cleaned or some other excuse only to find that when taking a walk to that floor all the nurses are in the nurses station gabbing away about nothing. Kinda puts an attitude right out there. So since I'm not on a High Horse, I can't get off. Been there, done that.
  2. tigger86334

    ER Nurses Treated Different in my Hospital!

    :angryfire Oh my Gosh... Just sat here and read all of this remarks. Just shaking my head. I have been an ER nurse for over 15 years and I started out on a tele unit fresh out of nursing school, I do remember what it is like, but it seems that the nurses that are putting down us ER nurses don't have a clue as to what happens in the ER. YES YOU HAVE EMERGENCYS TOO. But WHO is it that responds to your codes. THE ER NURSES!!!! HELLOOOO.. We have to leave our patients to go to the floor to work the codes, because most of the time the floor nurses don't have a clue as what to do. Because they don't need to? How many floor nurses have their ACLS?? So we might be working a chest pain or two or three and have ambulances coming in and still have to respond to the floor emergencys. And to whom ever said that when we get busy we go on diversion. NOT TRUE.....Can't divert an unstable pt if your the closest hospital... Most ER nurses can multi-task and can do 3-4 chest pains and set up a suture tray at the same time. Get a grip. We dont get lunches or breaks most of the time and there is nothing more irriating than to call report to the floor, any of them, only to hear that the nurse can't take report because she/he is at lunch. AN ACTUAL SIT DOWN LUNCH????? Maybe all the floor nurses who think that the ER nurses have it so easy should really spend at least 12 hours just observing in the ER. It takes a special kind of person and personality to work in the ER and not everyone is cut out to be an ER nurse, just as it takes a special kind of person to work the floors, icu, or, ob,....ect. Thank god that there is alot of diversity in nursing so we all can fit in. The old saying....walk a mile in my shoes.....
  3. tigger86334

    Nurse Patient Ratios in the ED?

    Our staffing ratio is really bad at the ed that I work in and seems to be getting worse. we have a 15 bed ED, staffed with 3 nurses, one doc. Per "state" one of the 3 nurses is a "triage" nurse which leaves our staffing ratio 7to1. Most of the other hospitals in our sector are always on divert which leaves us so open to ambulances I can't even describe it. Last week we had 3 working codes come in by ambulance within 5 minutes of each other. staffing as above. Our administration still doesn't see the need for additional nursing staff for our ED. Our ICU staffing is 3to1, our tele staffing is 5 to 1 and our med surg staffing is the same as the ED 7 to 1. I know that alot of the nurses are looking elsewhere. Talk about BURNOUT.!! Recently had two travelers quit their assignments because they were told our staffing ratio in the ED was 4 to 1.....What a joke. :rotfl: Would love to find a way to make our administration wake up and realize that there is more to the ED than money I work for a "for profit" hospital in Mesa, AZ
  4. tigger86334

    Name Badges

    Every place I have ever worked we only have our first names on the front of our badges and a last name on the back. Working in ER's for most of my nursing it only makes sense. We also never give a last name to any patient or family member even if it is for a written KUDO.
  5. tigger86334

    Green employees (nurses) in ER

    scary!!!! i have been working er's for most of my career, but i started out as a floor nurse, worked my way to the icu and then into the er. just getting out of school and jumping into the er alot of people can get hurt patients as well as nurses. as you know the er can be a scary place.