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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   DutchgirlRN
    2nd born
  2. by   banditrn
    First born - only female - very dysfunctional family - I was definitely the caretaker.
  3. by   colleennurse
    I am the youngest of 3 girls, but I am my fathers only biologic child (so his 1st born, plus I am a lot younger than my sisters) my Mom was married previously, but my Dad adopted them when they were married. And my Dad was an alcoholic, he passed away 6 years ago. This is interesting...
  4. by   missninaRN
    Second of four daughters. No ETOH, but my father was a rage-aholic when we were young (thank God he isn't any more) and my older sister assumed the role of the family "son". I was definitely the caretaker/peacemaker/one to smooth things over and make sure everyone else was okay at my own expense.
  5. by   lizmatt
    2nd born, no alcohol but severe mental illness (which I think would be similar to having an alcoholic, with children being left to fend for selves minus the violence of alcoholism)
  6. by   Euphrosyne7
    First born to a single mother with mental problems (therefore, dysfunction) and definitely did the "caretaker role" to my three younger brothers as well as my mother.......
  7. by   mudget
    First born of the second set. Father was an alcoholic when young, very abusive to all. Later he became a tee-totaler but kept the abuse. This thread is very thought provoking.
  8. by   Altra
    First born, no ETOH abuse, but I was often the emotional caretaker for my ever-adolescent mother.
  9. by   KJRN79
    First born, alcoholic mom and dad........
  10. by   Cherish
    Alcoholic Father...Father married 3 other my mother was fourth wife and me and brother were the last kids never met my other brothers or sisters. So to me 2nd born, 1st female for my mom.
  11. by   Sheri257

    First born, alcoholic father AND mother.

    Although I'm not an RN yet ... a couple of months to go.

    Look at all the first borns on this thread ... wow.

  12. by   Chaya
    First born/ no paternal Etoh
  13. by   CarVsTree
    Alcoholic father, youngest of 5.

    Took care of animals as a child - definitely not people.

    If I could make the same money nursing animals, I would.