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mudget has 1 years experience and specializes in Public Health.

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  1. mudget

    what are your thoughts nursing students? ...

    Yuyu, Have you considered Public Health nursing? I often think that it is 70% social work and 30% nursing (in the traditional sense). We educate and counsel so much of the time and yet are always on the lookout for the physical problems that accompany poverty, sexual and drug abuse, communicable disease and so many other problems associated with keeping the general population safe. It is truly rewarding with many of the aspects that you describe as desirable in your original post. Just a thought... Mudget :dncgcpd:
  2. mudget

    Need help, Not Insults..

    JON, I know it's hard but you have to try to relax. I'm in CA as well and I know many people who passed and had to wait a long time to hear it (citizens). I don't know all the answers to you questions but give yourself a little time to recover from the test. I'm sure you will know one way or the other in less than two weeks. Hang tough and congratulations on your next baby! Mudget
  3. mudget

    Homework assignment due tomorrow!!!

    Hey Ma2006, You are still up? Would you like anymore info? M
  4. mudget

    Homework assignment due tomorrow!!!

    MA2006, I know it's late, but here are my thoughts... Question 1 List two differences between working as a RN and being a nursing student. Working as an RN, even when not in the hospital setting, is an actual responsibility. By that I guess I mean that what you do is in fact REAL. When you are a student, I don't think it really feels that people are depending on you. Question 2 List three things that helped you succeed in your role as a professional nurse. 1) Organization 2) Dedication to your patients 3) Notes...You still have to take notes. Question 3 What are your thoughts and suggestions on dealing with multiple patients? You really must be organized. No matter where you work, multiple patients demand good organization. Good luck on your assignment.
  5. mudget


    WOW! That really is a mouthfull. Speaking for myself only, I will have to think on that. M
  6. mudget

    Disabled RN needs your help!

    Harry, I'm sorry that you are in such a bad spot with your retirement and more importantly your own health. You might want to post this story on the general nursing page as it will undoubtably get more responses. Best of luck to you. M
  7. mudget

    Where do the Happy Nurses Work?

    I'm a new Public Health nurse. I love it...as a previous poster said, "It's just my speed". There is a lot to learn and to know, but not really (immediate) life and death. I hope you find your niche. M
  8. mudget

    12 hours post NCLEX... ahhh!

    Way to go! :balloons: I guess Oklahoma is quick on the results too. Enjoy your new found spare time. LOL M
  9. mudget

    12 hours post NCLEX... ahhh!

    Hey CarmsOU25, OKC is my hometown! I know it's hard, but you just have to wait it out. Relax a bit in knowing that it's over. You've heard it before, but the number of questions really isn't indicative of anything. Deep breaths...I'm hoping for you! M
  10. mudget

    Hit all time low

    Jen, Hang in there and continue to seek the help. Thank you for posting your very personal experiences for many of us relate to you. You will be in my thoughts continuously. Peace. M
  11. mudget

    Were you supported?

    I am a new grad in the ICU and just want to know who (if anyone) felt supported on the unit in the beginning. I know that I could be a great ICU nurse if I had the least bit of encouragment, but it's not forthcoming at all (...trying not to whine, but...). I am interviewing elswhere tomorrow but really regret the thought of leaving my chosen field so early. I welcome any thoughts... Thanks M
  12. mudget

    Stethoscope: Cadillac vs Escort

    I think you'll find that the Littman is just fine for school (and beyond). Later if you find yourself working in the NICU or a cardiac specialized field you may want to switch but for now go with the least expensive one. Best of luck to you in school. M
  13. mudget

    West Coast University?

    Hey We'll See! It's always nice to see another 'mature' student. I'm sure you will find the right program for you. Hang tough! I'm in central CA at (well not anymore...LOL...just graduated) a CSU school, and I don't think we do the 30 unit option. Research that first in any case. Good luck to you. M
  14. Taking Anatomy first and then Physiology is best (as opposed to at the same time). I think that if you only take physiology in the summer, the abridged session will be fine. You should be able to immerse yourself in the course content. Otherwise it sounds as if the counselor is steering you right. It is your responsibility though to always second guess them as sometimes they do not know what is best for each student based on thier particualr dicipline.
  15. mudget

    How do you

    Glad to help. M
  16. mudget

    How do you

    Subscript will be below the original number and superscript above. Be careful on this however because if the number is at the end of the sentence, your period will also be moved. Sometimes it can be tricky to get it fixed. Just play with it.