Migraines...what helps you?

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    I am kinda at my wits end.I am a RN and I have had a cervical fusion in this past year.The spacer the doc used was a lil too large and NOW I have this thing called cervical facet syndrome.My bones pop/crackle all the time.I also have some horrendous tension migraines that are located only in the occipital area(back of head).I have tried pain meds,whirlpool baths, ice massage...meds like celebrex and Vioxx and Bextra with no great effect seen.I am at my wits end.Do you guys have any suggestions?I am contemplating accupuncture.The migraines are so severe that when they strike they I cannot function...they are severe.The neurosurgeon said Id eventually become somewhat desensitized to them(learn to live with them)....but it hasnt happened yet.Any other homeopathic type suggestions?Thanks ! .
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  3. by   z's playa
    I totally recommend you go to about.com and go to the H header where headaches/migraines is located. It's a forum where all kinds of people with migraine issues go to vent and discuss treatment options. You will get feedback here of course...just throwing an alternate route at you.

    I take propanolol 120 mg a day, naprosyn at first hint of migraine along with Imitrex. It almost always works however I still have to go to the ER for intractable migrianes 3 times a year.
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  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Imitrex is working for me, though i know a lot of people say it doesn't help them. I just get occaisional ones, so i just take as needed.

    A dark room, a sleep mask which has weak elastic (Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond has these, peace and quiet, no TV, cool cloth. I also have lavender that's in the stuffing of my pillow (stuffing is in a zipper case, i just throw a small thin cotton sachet of dried lavender in with the stuffing. The smell of helps me a LOT. It's supposed to have a calming relxing effect on the body anyway, but it's helped with the headache.

    If my migraines ever got to the point that what i try doesn't work, i would consider accupuncture. A few people i know have had success with it (although everyone is different, but i'll try anything to help at least once as long as it's safe and clean).
  5. by   ARmickie
    I had really bad migraines a few years ago, and my dr gave me samples of some type (wish I knew the name). It was a pill that dissolved on your tongue, and it only worked w/ migraines. I found that when I first felt the headache coming on, I'd let the pill dissolve, and start running bath water (leaving the room, of course). I surrounded myself w/ lavender in the tub.. lavender soap, lavender bath salts and scrubs, lavender candles, even... Once I got out of the tub, if the headache wasn't gone, I'd lie down w/ a cool washcloth on my head and gently massage a few drops of lavender oil in my temples.. worked every time. Eventually, the samples ran out, and I didn't have the money to buy the script... But, to this day, if OTC meds don't help, I grab the lavender. Fortunately for me, I've learned to make this lovely soap and all the goodies to go along with it, so I'm never caught w/o it!
  6. by   dkv
    I have suffered from migraines for years. A dark, quiet room helps. I have also found a wonder drug, Maxalt MLT (non-narcotic). This drug is taken sublingual and works as soon as 5 min after taking it. Hope this helps
  7. by   suzanne4
    They are having very good results with Botox injections for migraine headaches. You may want to speak to your doctor about this......
  8. by   PedsNurse1981
    I know in the medical community, there is a HUGE debate over whether chiropractors actually do any good. My advice however is to find a good one and have him or her treat your migraines. It's worked miracles for me.
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    Sleep is usually my cure... I take Inderal 80mg (i think it should be more) and right now we are trying Axert when I get one... I get them bad, its not odd for me to get them once a week...

    Makes it really hard to work when you have a busting headache... Thank Gosh for FMLA..
  10. by   nrsjo
    I've had horrible migraines since I was a little kid. I currently use 200mg/day of topamax. It has been the best preventative drug I have ever been on. I am down to one migraine per month, which is acceptable for me. And that is relieved with imitrex and darvocet.
  11. by   RedSox33RN
    Quote from nrsjo
    I've had horrible migraines since I was a little kid. I currently use 200mg/day of topamax. It has been the best preventative drug I have ever been on. I am down to one migraine per month, which is acceptable for me. And that is relieved with imitrex and darvocet.
    I'm the same way - had them since I was very, very little. I've been through everything. The blood pressure meds don't work for me (I'm diabetic and some mask symptoms of a low). I used to use Imitrex nasal spray, but those stopped working, so I now use Migranal nasal spray (DHE), and that works about 80% of the time. Other times I use 800 mg ibuprofen (at the first twinge of pain), Butalbital, or Phenergan (either suppositories, or pills for when suppos. AIN'T convenient! LOL). I also have a few Demerol pills for the REALLY bad ones, but in those cases I usually just end up in the ER. They always try the non-narcotics first, but 9 times out of 10 end up giving me Demerol.

    Yes, I feel horrible going there because I KNOW they look at me as a FF (about 1x every 2 months or so), but the last time I was there, my husband just said to them, "Look, she was throwing up the whole way here. It's is 6am on Palm Sunday. Do you REALLY think she's looking to score?" No one had accused me, but one of the nurses had made a snide comment to him, "Don't we see her a bit?". Well, yeah, I'm diabetic and was in the ER 4x in December for a stomach virus, and admitted to ICU 2x. I know they are just doing their job, but give me a break!

    I hope you find something that works. I do not agree with the neurologist. Migraine pain is not something you get used to. I would rather go through labor/delivery again with my 11-lb'er than have ONE migraine. Migraine pain is all-consuming. I understand what you mean when you say you can't function. Sometimes during the midst of a bad one I'm afraid I WON'T die. Scary thoughts.
  12. by   uk_nurse
    i sufffer with migraines. i take paramax....not much good to be honest. i read in a magazine that there is an operation to do with the heart that can help migraines! what! yes i thought that too. Apparently if you suffer with migraines there is a poss that you may have a small hole in the heart, affecting blood flow and causing migraines. It said that putting a device in to block the hole reduces migraines dramatically or may even cure them! Not sure how true it is. Has anyone else heard of this?
  13. by   RosieGlow
    oh wow. You all have my sympathies. I have the ocassional migraine but they aren't too debilitating. Typically I just need to go into a dark room and sleep if I can. Sometimes I think I should get one of those sensory deprivation tanks.
  14. by   teeituptom
    Golf works for me

    because you have to learn to take the tension out of your neck and shoulders