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  1. You should take a position in your area of interest. If NICU is what turns you on, than that is where you should go. I don't think spending a year on a med-surg unit is going to make you a better NICU nurse.
  2. She is sleeping with a patient.............

    I think it's amazing how many people are willing to just run with the "live and let live" philososophy here. It may be why we have so many problems in nursing..........because no one wants to get involved. It's not gossip when someone is doing som...
  3. placed on unpaid adminstative leave today

    Seems a bit harsh just because a family was upset. Did they give you the details of the complaint? I agree though, I would contact a labor attorney to find out what your rights are.
  4. Yep, been there. It's a policy where I work that any monitored patient on a cardiac drip needs a nurse to travel with. It's really was bad when they need a stress test- you can be gone for hours. The policy is due to change to every monitored pati...
  5. What "CNL" means to the field

    Elkpark, I agree- this is a position that a seasoned, experienced RN could fulfill. It is exactly that experience which makes someone a good role model, charge nurse, preceptor, etc. An MSN is supposed to enhance that that and help you build on exi...
  6. What "CNL" means to the field

    I work with folks who have their CNL degree. To me, you have to be really, really careful about what YOUR facility is going to use this level of education for. What I have seen, is that you are an MSN working at the bedside, with no leadership or d...
  7. 72 INCH long wound!

    I need a picture...........
  8. VA Hopeful

    I wouldn't be too worried about the it being only a month. Vetpro slows the hiring process down quite a bit. I would stay in contact with the manager who offered the position to you so they can be sure that you are still interested in the position....
  9. St. Jude's Anyone?

    I live in Memphis. I agree, it's not the place to raise a family.
  10. change from adults to kids

    Thanks for all the info. I know it would be a learning curve, but I'm willing to do the work.
  11. change from adults to kids

    How hard of a transition do you think it might be to move from an adult ICU to a PICU? I'd really like to work with kids, but never have- or would it just be an impossible hurdle.....Thanks.
  12. "Customer service" and nursing

    I don't know that anyone would refuse to show good bedside manners to a patient or their family. The issue I have with customer service is that it has taken priority over patient care. It's more important that the nurse learn the cute, robotic phra...
  13. Odors--Help!

    Thanks for the vics suggestion. I deal with anything unless it smells.
  14. Funniest Complaint on Press Ganey Scores

    I never understood why the whole hospital experience suddenly became something you should enjoy as much as a trip to Disney World. You're there to get well, not be entertained. I understand that we want to know about really bad experiences in our de...
  15. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

    I wouldn't discuss it in the interview, but when an offer is extended. If it's a position you want, I would say, "yes, but I have a pre-arranged vacation on such and such a date.......would this be a problem?" Most managers will agree as long as th...