Meyers Brigg, Have you done it? - page 4

I know I have said this before, but I am currently in a new grad residency program in the emergency department. Recently we took a personality color test which I found to be super cool. The test... Read More

  1. by   aprilmoss
    I took it but never figured out if I was a Meyers or a Briggs.
  2. by   chaki
    Carl Jung btw. MBTI is pseudoscience. The Barnum effect is why anyone would give a **** about it.
  3. by   pmabraham
    I was professionally tested (beware of Internet-based exams which may not have been created by a professional in the discipline) with the result of INFJ.
  4. by   DextersDisciple
    ESFJ or ESTJ. The first one is the giver like
    Caregiver, common Career RN of course. I forget the other one. I'm in critical care and previously infusion and oncology.
  5. by   dream'n
    I'm an xNFP. I mostly test as an ENFP, but have gotten INFP before. I'm on the border of an extrovert/introvert
  6. by   choughlesRN
    I'm an ENFJ, on the border between E and I, and J and P. Definitely a borderline human.
  7. by   zoidberg
    INTP "The Logician"
    Med surg for the last 3 or so years. (first job)
  8. by   RockinNurse2018
    Mine is INFJ, "The Counselor." I'm in ltc but not sure where INFJ nurses typically end up
  9. by   Ambersmom
    It was Carl Jung, I took it for a psych class years ago and found it summed my personality up well, and it helped explain why some things annoy me. I'm an INTP
  10. by   RockinNurse2018
    Just thinking...what are good specialties for INFJ nurses? I realize each person is going to be different but found the description of INFJ to be very accurate so I was wondering where others have found their niche..
  11. by   Skips
    I'm an ISFJ.

    I work in L&D and postpartum.
  12. by   Dogen
    You can take any test you like, neither Briggs nor her daughter Briggs Myers were scientists or even trained in psychology. Jung's theory of personality (like all early personality theories) is more guesswork than science, though Jung's is more like spirituality. So have fun with it, don't take it seriously. There's nothing about MBTI that's scientific.
  13. by   mmc51264
    I think everyone has taken it. Multiple times LOL